Everybody has a father, and many thousands of words have been written about Donald Trump’s relationship with his. The folks at Meidas Touch wanted to commemorate Father’s Day and the father/son relationship that has landed America in the mess we’re in, with their latest, “Fred’s Failure.” This is on top of niece Mary Trump’s book, on how her family created “the most dangerous man in America.” Enjoy.


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9 Comments on "Watch A Father’s Day Greeting To Trump ‘Fred’s Failure’"

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Annar Key

Ole Fred has the eyes of a shark. Calculating, cold and devoid of all life and emotion. Trumpstain has the eyes of a lost in the sauce idiot.


Rex Stout on the eyes of Arnold Zeck (Nero Wolfe’s equivalent of Sherlock Holmes’s Moriarty))

At his birth, an error had given him the eyes of a shark. They did not now look like sharks’ eyes, because Arnold Zeck had been using them for forty years, and that made a difference.”

(That’s from memory, so not totally accurate, but the second sentence at least is very close.)

Meg Corrigan

Love it!

Carroll Ann Robinson

OMG. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Whoa. Meidas nailed it–this has everything a canny and influential political spot should have. When I was an undergraduate, I took classes from the incredibly sharp political speech professor, Kathleen Hall Jamieson………who is a wizard at picking apart political spots and all manner of political “speak.” Love to read what she thinks of this spot.
Nice one U!!


Well said Carroll Ann.


The difference between Fred and Donald is genuine evil and wannabe evil.

dana fairfield

The ad gives me mixed emotions. In a normal election, I would absolutely abhor anyone who made such a mean-spirited ad about anyone else. I sympathize with those would retort that mean-spirited Trump has it coming. On another level, this ad fills me with pity for Trump’s whole life, and worry about Barron’s present and future. So many mixed emotions.