The idea of Donald Trump doing an address from the Oval Office on the state of race relations in this country has been met with the derision you would expect, since the man is infamous for not only using the n-word in his business life, but also for keeping black tenants out of his real estate in New York. CNN’s Jim Acosta is one of the disbelievers and he told Anderson Cooper that Trump “would have to have an out of body experience to deliver the kind of speech you’re talking about.” Trump’s already out of his mind, he might as well opt for an out-of-body experience to have a matched set. PoliticusUSA:

“Is any thought in the White House being given to — is the President going to speak at all about race relations in this country?” Cooper asked.

“About systemic racism, about any of the issues raised by thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of people in the streets for day after day after day?”

“They have been talking about this inside the President’s political team. It is an open question as to whether or not he’s going to deliver that kind of speech,” Acosta said.

Acosta also appears to be of the school of thought that Stephen Miller penning the speech, as was reported Tuesday, is a bit of a stretch.

“Not only does he lack the speech writers to put together a speech like that, Anderson… the President himself does not seem in the mood to deliver that kind of speech right now,” Acosta went on.

“He would have to have an out of body experience to deliver the kind of speech you’re talking about.”

So here’s the big picture, try to visualize this: Stephen Miller is pouring over speeches that other presidents have given on the topic of race relations and looking for something that he can adapt to Donald Trump. He’s also got to spin Trump as not only friend of the working man, but friend of the black man — which considering the fact that due to Trump’s indifference to COVID-19, millions of blacks and working class people have been disproportionately affected, and have suffered economic hardships and/or died, this will be an interesting feat for Miller to pull off.

And bear in mind that the main black people that Trump has on board to boost his case are low credibility Uncle Toms like Ben Carson and Jeannine Pirro — and now he’s hooked up perforce with Tim Scott, the sole black Republican senator. Scott is Trump’s unicorn, he’s praying the man brings him luck. And Scott’s actually a good match for Trump, he’s got all the right grifting instincts. This could be a match made in heaven.

Hey, here’s a wild idea, burn this one on a dendrite: What if Donald Trump puts Tim Scott on the ticket as his Vice President, just to show us all how much he loves the black man? That’s actually an idea that these clowns would come up with, in their throes of desperation, but whether Scott is suicidal enough to go for it is another question altogether.

All that I know, is that the Oval Office address on COVID-19 was an error-ridden farce. If Trump repeats that performance, it can’t possibly help his cause. In which case I say, bring it on. Let’s watch Trump bury himself on live television. Again. By all means.

What’s truly comical about this is that Trump has no remote clue about this topic. If he did, he wouldn’t have praised Jared Kushner as “my star” when Kushner filled 56 seconds of air time with nonsense about how the law enforcement community came to the table and made nice nice and now there’s no more systematic racism in the country, voila. Everybody else was on the floor laughing, listening to Kushner’s specious nothing burger of a comment, but it sounded great to daddy-in-law. So whatever we get as a final product from Trump, it will be a Kushner-esque worldview, doctored and seasoned by Stephen Miller, in an effort to sound both cogent and Trumpian — which are mutually exclusive terms.

And of course it goes without saying that speeches given in times of great travail and peril to the commonweal go straight into the history books. Lincoln is said to have penned the Gettysburg Address in fifteen minutes on the back of an envelope. For someone with a mind and a heart like Lincoln, who grasped the issue at such profound depth, that’s believable. Less is more and the Gettysburg Address has been hailed since as a perfect piece of oratory, both for its encapsulation of the material and it’s uplifting spiritual message.

Trump is the anti-Lincoln. He lacks both the intellectual hardware to grasp the topic and the emotional make up to even recognize that fact, or worse, to give a damn. What America needs right now to heal, is a message from a leader like Lincoln, along the lines of the Gettysburg Address. And what we’ve got is the brain trust of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and Stephen Miller. With Tim Scott in the wings, stage mothering the event.

Good luck to Stephen Miller. He needs it. Let’s see how a Nazi mentality, the kind that thinks in terms of Aryan supremacy and mongrelization of the races, writes a script for Donald Trump to read off the teleprompter, that illustrates a grasp of the most painful dilemma in American life, which has dogged this nation since its very roots. The likes of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson grappled with the race issue, as it manifested in their day, Franklin was a slave owner turned abolitionist, who penned anti-slavery petitions and spoke about “removing the Inconsistency from the Character of the American People.” Franklin predicted that the race issue would be the downfall of the republic and he wasn’t wrong. The race issue was our curse then and it is our curse now. The very structure of our government was skewed from the beginning to appease rural landowners by giving them a disproportionately large voice in the Senate. In the 21st Century that manifests as a wingnut minority imposing its will on the majority. These were the concessions the founding fathers were forced into as they built an imperfect New World and we live with the results today.

This issue is complex and monumental, challenging to our best minds. The grotesque irony of this situation is that Trump, Miller and Kushner are part of the problem — yet they’re going to give us the solution. Right.

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Lone Wolf

An out of ‘morbidly obese’ body experience for him?
That sounds absolutely morbid.

Meg Corrigan



I didn’t know Jeannie Pirro was black. I just thought she was nuts. You learn something every day!


It would actually take an angelic possession for Trump to pull this off. He’s got all the signs of already experiencing a constant OBE.

Denis Elliott
Trump has the clueless Jared and the racist Stephen Miller who is ashamed of his own ancestry. Hey, I’m ashamed of some of my own ancestry too because my grandfather (dad’s dad) and the other men on his side of the family were exactly the kind of assholes of which Miller would heartily approve but I digress. You’re citing Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address is certainly a spot on example of getting it right, and doing so on his own instincts of what the moment required. Interestingly enough Lincoln feared in the immediate aftermath that his words fell on the… Read more »

Nah, Denis, makes you a human being at this point. Whatever awful things await him, he’s earned them a thousand times over.


Watch the Trump on Charlottesville YouTube to put things in context.

Jarvis Wellesley

If Trumpler ever actually delivers such a speech, I would expect the Lincoln Project to air an ad showing Fred & Mary decked out in their KKK robes.

Cherl Harrell

The only way Miller can come up something remotely appropriate, would be to plagiarize it and reframe it so Trump can use it to brag on himself. All of which would be received with a middle finger by most sane, rational adults.

Manuel Rivera

Trump can only screw this up as well. Let him make a fool out of himself and the administration. Who will be addressing??

chris whitley

Well I always knew they weren’t that sincere on racism. But come on, you can’t get a speech on racism without plagiarism. Well I guess with trump and miller that’s not to big a stretch. Here’s a hint. Use any speech Barack Obama has given. I mean after all you beat the birtherism bullshit fo what twelve years now. Plagiarism shouldn’t be that big a deal.

Scott Jackson

This is paramount to Hitler giving a talk to the Jews, saying “what have you got to lose?”


So, Tim Scott and Ben Carson are his “black friends” that prove he can’t possibly be racist.

William Bockemuehl

Four score and seven days ago our doctors brought forth on this continent, a new virus…