This is perfect. #BunkerBoy began immediately trending on Twitter when Trump went in the White House bunker to hide, the first time it had been used since 9/11 — and that was a little more intense than a few protesters in the park. Today on Fox Radio Trump worsened the situation by lying that he just went down to the bunker “to inspect.” Sure. Gotta make sure those brass doorknobs shine and those crystal chandeliers sparkle, right? Now everybody is laughing all over again.

Singer and songwriter Courtney Jay was inspired to pen this charming little ditty, in honor of Trump the Lion Hearted. Take :45 to hear this, this is classic.

And this new ad depicts Trump the Courageous as well.


Update: 9:52 PDT I just found this in Trump’s Twitter feed. It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s take on the White House video showing Donald Trump, Man of God, on his triumphant processional to St. John’s


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Tin woman1



Thank you, Ursula. You and I lived through Nixon and even he was not such a big joke. Maybe because Nixon came from a more normal family? I don’t know. Trump is the greatest embarrassment this country has know since Jefferson Davis.

Well, Nixon was also a “professional” politician unlike Trump. He graduated from law school and was a practicing attorney before WW2 and, during the war, he served in the Navy (albeit, largely in administrative functions). He was recruited to run for Congress in 1946 and then basically remained in politics until his, um, “forced retirement” (serving in the House until 1951 when he entered the Senate, then becoming Vice-President in 1953; he ran for Governor of California in 1962, but after losing, he largely stepped back out of the spotlight–although he remained an active campaigner for GOP candidates in 1964… Read more »

Nixon was intelligent and knowledgable about how government worked. He just had some huge personality flaws that ended up bring him down, such as paranoia and suspiciousness.

Mina Kirby

These are very funny and I need things to laugh at these days. Thanks for finding and sharing with them, Ursula.

Cherl Harrell

Thank you, Ursula for sharing these. I am really starting to like these people behind the Meidas Touch videos. They seem to stand up for all things right, even better than the Lincoln Project.


Loved that last one where the bolt of lightening hits him!!!🤣