This is a quick follow-up to my article of yesterday about GOP Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature testing positive for COVID-19 and refusing to tell their Democratic colleagues.

For a week.

Yes, really.

State House Democrat Brian Sims was as shocked as any other decent American would have been. Yesterday, he took to Facebook Live to express his outrage, his indignation, his disgust, and, yes, his fear that he, his family, and so many others had possibly been exposed to the hellbug by Republicans who knew they themselves had been exposed, had been tested, had been “quarantining” to some degree, but decided not to tell the Democrats in the legislature.

Watch the video here. It’s 12 minutes long. It is NSFW. Watch it anyway.

Sims, the first openly gay member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature and who is quite outspoken about his disgust with the crop of Republican plague rats infesting state and federal government (see the photo above, from 2018, when Sims “welcomed” Mike Pence to Philadelphia), did not mince words in the video.

Sims was shocked by the plague rats’ deliberate decision to expose Democrats to the virus without telling them, “for as much as a week if not longer” while they were being tested, contact tracing, and self-quarantining (such as they did). He notes that the legislature has been the most active in the nation, and the Government Committee, on which he sits, has been the most active in that body. So for a week, plague rat Andrew Lewis (R-Vermin), who tested positive, and others like Russ Diamond (R-Sewer Rat), who was sort of quarantining because he had been in proximity to Corona Andrew, had sat in committee with Sims and other Democrats, not masked up and not telling them that they were possibly infectious.

What were they doing that was so important? Passing legislation urging Governor Tom Wolf (D-Sane) to reopen the state, because in their infected minds, it was safe to do so. The virus wasn’t such a big thing, they wailed, and what about the economy?!?

Now, Sims said, his Democratic colleages had just finished taking part in a panicky teleconference with doctors with the State Department of Health about what to do to keep themselves and their families safe after being exposed to the virus for a week by their verminous colleagues — and, of course, going home every night to kiss their kids and hug their spouses. As Sims spoke, some of them were on the phones to their families, explaining why they might not be coming home for a while.

Sims revealed that in January, he donated a kidney, rendering himself immunocompromised. Another Democrat’s wife is also immunocompromised. Now they were deliberately exposed to the hellbug by the Republican plague rats in the legislature.

Sims demanded the immediate resignation of Speaker Mike Terzai (R-Plague Bearer) and any other member of the Republican legislature who knew that their caucus members had been compromised and refused to tell their Democratic colleagues. He wants the Pennsylvania Attorney General to open an investigation. And he wants prosecutions. They belong in jail, he says.

Pennsylvania is one of 30 states that prosecute individuals for deliberately exposing others to HIV/AIDS. I imagine Sims is aware of this; I remember it quite well. It is not a stretch to use that law to prosecute Lewis, Diamond, Terzai, and the rest of that rodent swarm for deliberately exposing Sims and other members to COVID-19.

Sims said:

…I knew that the Republican leadership that was out there was fake, and false, and was looking out for themselves, but I never, ever ever knew that the Republican leadership of this state would put so many of us at risk for partisanship, and to cover up a lie. That lie is that “we’re all safe from COVID.” That lie is that “social distancing isn’t important.” … Holy shit. It’s not your business to put my life at risk. It’s not your business to put the lives of the children of our members at risk. Of the thousands of our members at risk.

It is not safe to reopen, Sims says, and the same vermin who are insisting that it is — Terzai, Diamond, Lewis, and the rest — are insisting that it is while quietly and deliberately exposing hundreds of others to the virus. They have no stature and no credibility, Sims says, to make any such assertions.

I didn’t donate my kidney to save someone’s life so I could die at the hands of Republicans being callous liars.

Predictably, the plague rats reacted by mocking Sims and his concerns. Here’s Macho Man Russ Diamond, who was called out by Sims in the video:

Sims is just another “whining lefty,” according to Diamond, who asserts that he didn’t get tested because he didn’t have any symptoms, and besides, “I feel like a million bucks! Well, $500k after lefties tax me.” Plague rats generally don’t have much in the way of education, so it should be no surprise that Diamond either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the idea of asymptomatic exposure — my guess is that he doesn’t give a fuck, and would find it funny if Sims, or Boyle, or their families, came down with the hellbug.

(Sims is almost certainly a more restrained and less violent person than myself. If I were Sims, I would have to self-quarantine immediately, not just to keep my family safe, but to keep myself from getting my hands on Diamond. I am sure Sims will conduct himself with restraint when he walks onto the floor of the Legislature again.)

Lewis made unctuous excuses on his Facebook page and said he was sure no one was compromised because of his or anyone else’s actions.

Lewis is a liar. Dianond is a liar. Terzai is a liar. They don’t care who dies, or how many, as long as they stay in power and keep the money flowing in. They are plague rats, and conduct themselves accordingly.

Let’s just sum this up with two words from a Twitter user in response to Diamond:

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Tin woman1

A good article. Thank you.


Thank you for this article. Did you see that female R state legislator mocking her D counterpart for wanting remote voting? Think it was NE. She went crazy about not following the rules at Walmart. She didn’t wear mask, wipe down the cart or go the right way in the one way isles. She was acting like her childish behavior was equivalent to charging a machine gun nest on D Day.

chris whitley

These clowns should be arrested and charged with willfull endangering their colleagues. Quarantine there asses in a jail cell. Fcking morons!

chris whitley

Well I’m a whining lefty. And if I was able I would come to Pennsylvania and discuss whether your parents were married and or closely related. Here are the initials of what I think you are. Decorum and respect for the site prevent me from saying outright. You sir are a SOB, M. F. B. I will let you ponder what the initials stand for because I believe that like trump you don’t have the mental acuity to figure it out.

Cherl Harrell

Thank you for posting Sim’s rant, as he expresses what a lot of us are thinking and feeling. I certainly hope the Pennsylvania attorney general does a full investigation of this, but unfortunately, I suspect the plague rats will suppress anything like that.

Maybe someone should remind these GOPers about the story of Mary Mallon–who went down in history by the loving moniker of “Typhoid Mary.” Ms Mallon was an ASYMPTOMATIC carrier of the very deadly disease, typhoid. Just so s**t-for-brains Republicons and other moronic Trump supporters will understand what that means, it means that Ms Mallon carried the virus but NEVER got sick from it herself. She’s believed to have personally infected more than 50 people and it was only after working for a wealthy banker living in Oyster Bay (an area that was very “low-risk” for typhoid by every medical standard… Read more »

What a professional photo, what leadership, what class.
Wait…. there need to be ???? there instead of commas.

Robert Burnett

Let’s face it, the GOP are evil demons and it’s time to get rid of them all. Time to make their lives just as a miserable as they make ours.

Lone Wolf

You can put me on ‘time out’ but I would have kicked his ass.