When the going gets tough, the tough go golfing. Or at least Donald Trump does. This three minute recap of the Memorial Day weekend and today’s new milestone in America, 100,000 dead from COVID-19, puts Trump’s coronavirus response and his entire presidency into a simple context: America has no government right now. We’re in one of the wrost crises we have ever faced and we lack a functioning federal government.

Here are some stunning statistics to go with this.

Reich is right. A lot of Americans could be out in the street and hungry. Trump is setting himself up to be Herbert Hoover Redux — and you think he’s worried? Hell, no. He’s playing golf. And why should he worry? Corporations are being bailed out and the Dow is okay. What else matters?

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10 Comments on "‘This Is Not Leadership, This Is Criminal Negligence’ Robert Reich Rips Trump A New One"

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Tin woman1

I am worried. It’s moving towards a disaster.


Canada and other countries just send everyone $2000 per month. Very simple. Republican leadership is only interested in terrorism. They are pure and simple traitors that have perverted and distorted the constitution for decades. They are not incompetent. They are traitors. They are very competent at treason.

If the USA had handled Corvid19 like NZ had, then the US would have had under 10,000 total cases of infection, and under 1400 deaths. Instead of 1,730,000 cases, and 102,000 deaths. To do this has cost the NZ economy about 15% of Gross Domestic Product and resulted in 15% unemployment and there is now no more Covid and therefore no more deaths. The economy is now opening up and people are comfortable with getting out and back to normal as it is safe to do so. Whereas the USA has seen about a 15% drop in G.D.P. and 20%… Read more »

Oh no! How will the nation survive without POTUS Imbecilus’ steady hand at the wheel? Let him play golf until January, then he can move to another federally-subsidized residence, federal prison.


We do have a criminal in the WH. I knew he was one long ago. The Hollywood Tape confirmed it and now we have 3 years of additional evidence.

Scott Jackson
He was briefed in nov. Instead of acting immediately with the full weight of the government, he did worse than nothing. He continued to lie, lie, lie. These deaths are on him and the republicans who ignored everything good about our democracy and filled their pockets with blood money. Someone please explain to me how anyone is sitting in jail when he has stolen more money and killed more people than anyone other than dictators like Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Then the pundits wonder why there’s no respect for our system, and people are rioting. You know the peasants in… Read more »
chris whitley

And the people in charge don’t have a hair on their ass if they don’t charge this idiot and his cohorts with criminal negligence. I don’t want to hear about healing. We will heal while watching this clown squirm in court. He likes the court so much we need to introduce him to the defense table.


I think we are headed for a disaster !

Dr. Meeke

Completely agree and would like to see this brought up to the public in order for him to be charged.