The cowardly lion finally realized that courage was taking action whether you were afraid or not, and apparently the Keebler elf has come to the same conclusion. Jeff Sessions must have decided what the hell did he have to lose, except his senate seat, so he took on Donald Trump, after Trump lashed out at him on Twitter earlier in the day and endorsed his opponent Tommy Tuberville.

I wish Sessions would expound a bit on how he “protected” the rule of law. I thought this was a parody account when i read that. And it’s a waste to breath to say one more time that the Mueller report did anything but exonerate Trump. “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also DOES NOT EXONERATE HIM” were Mueller’s exact words. We’ve screamed that into the night for so long now, to no avail. Exoneration is GOP doublespeak for impeached and that’s how it will stay.

But on the positive side of the coin, Sessions is showing some spunk. This is better than sending out mailers saying 22 times that Sessions is supported by Trump and in turn is Trump’s #1 supporter himself.

It will be interesting to see if Trump gets engaged in this primary, especially since he’s far more worried about how Kelly Loeffler’s tanking is going to bring him down in Georgia and he’s already taking on water in Arizona, where Mark Kelly is double digits ahead of Martha McSally. As stated previously, let the two Republi-rats eat each other and at the end of the day, let’s hope that Doug Jones is still standing. That’s all that matters.

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5 Comments on "‘You’re Damn Fortunate’ Jeff Sessions Straightens Donald Trump Out"

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Tin woman1

I want everyone who hangs on *rump’s coat tails to go down with him.

chris whitley

There’s a high probability of that. There’s a lot of them that still think he’s got it.


Time, disappointment and COVID 19 will disabuse them of such. And if they remain obstinate in the face of the evidence, the lessons will be repeated.


You can feel the anger pulse under the tweet from Sessions. As has been pointed by more informed parties, Tuberville getting nominated presents a whole new set of problems. As an Auburn coach in a state of football worshippers, he may turn off JUST enough votes to reelect Doug Jones.


I have two thoughts on this.

1. Tommy Tuberville? that’s his real name? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

2. I have faith that Doug can win, but he can use help if anyone is able.