There are a number of embattled senators struggling for reelection this November and Lindsey Graham may just join the list. In recent weeks he’s had donors walk away from him. One of them, Richard Wilkerson, former president of Michelin North America noted, “What is the character of a man who will not defend his best friend? If he won’t defend John McCain, why would I expect him to defend any of us in South Carolina?” Wilkerson then stated he would be supporting Graham’s Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison.

Not defending his best friend John McCain is one thing. Walking away from Joe Biden, whom he at one time described as “as fine a man that ever lived” is another. So what has happened to Lindsey Graham? Nobody seems to know, but the contrasts between who he used to be and who he is now are startling.

Let’s see what Graham can come up with as a defense to this, or if he even bothers. This ad is damning in the extreme. Graham may very well live to rue the day that he ever became a hatchet man for Donald Trump. The problem with that, is that if he goes back into the anti-Trump fold, he’ll be like the boy who cried wolf, nobody will believe him. Graham may soon be not only a former senator, but a man without a party and a man without a friend, because the only reasonable conclusion to reach from seeing the two faces of Graham is that he lacks conscience or character.


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6 Comments on "Lindsey Graham Schizophrenic Or Merely Phony? New Attack Ad Shows Both As Graham Donors Bail"

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Lone Wolf

Graham, one of the other lying and two faced corrupt GOP senators got a taste of that free taxpayer money,
and maybe some of that dope the dope is on.

p j evans

He’s been described as a remora: he likes to stay close to the biggest shark in the area and get the scraps it leaves.


They always say the truth will come out. It’s his turn, not that is hasn’t been in plain site all along it just maybe the blinders are coming off.

Denis Elliott
Here’s something to ponder: The McCain family gave Graham the benefit of the doubt when ole John died even though the signs were there Lyndsay the Leningrad Lemming Graham was getting ready to embrace Trump. They let him eulogize his supposed best pal. Given all that’s transpired since, if McCain’s widow Cindy (not exactly a shining example of caring and compassion btw) were to pass away I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Graham was unwelcome at her funeral. Or at least wouldn’t be allowed to speak. In fact, I suspect McCain’s daughter Megan (again, not one of my… Read more »

Ooh, that ad is great!


He’s a Ass kisser …..