If the price of eggs goes up by ten cents a week, you probably don’t pay much  attention -even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool  accountant. But, if you make a note of the price on Day 1 and then   compare it  to  the price six months later, the increase suddenly  hits home.

We are all used to the daily  reporting of Covid-19 cases and deaths in our home  states and, by now,  these numbers no longer make much of an impression. We are tired of sitting at home, miss our friends and families  and many consider the idea of wearing a mask  an infringement of our Constitutional  liberties. Why should I wear a mask if my exalted Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have to?

The table below summarizes totals  for May 15th and April 15th    that I extracted from worldometer.info. I have rounded the numbers,  the better to let you gag  on them.  It is beyond sad that the moron in the White House doesn’t even care how many of his own acolytes sicken and/or die just so he can get reelected.

USA State Total Cases Total Cases Total Deaths Total Deaths
May15,2020 April16,2020 May 15,2020 April 15,2020
356,000 226,000 27,500 7,600
  New York
New Jersey 145,000 75,000 10,100 3,500
Illinois 90,000 25,000 4,000 950
Massachusetts 83,000 30,000 5,600 1,100
California 77,000 27,000 3,100 900
Pennsylvania 64,000 28,000 4,400 800
Michigan 50,000 28,000 4,800 800
Texas 46,000 16,000 1,300 400
Florida 44,000 23,000 1,900 600
Maryland 37,000 11,000 1,900 400
Georgia 37,000 16,000 1,600 600
Connecticut 36,000 15,000 3,300 900
Louisiana 34,000 22,000 2,500 1,200
Virginia 29,000 7,000 1,000 200
Ohio 27,000 8,000 1,700 400
Indiana 27,000 10,000 1,100 500
Colorado 21,000 8,000 1,100 400
Washington 19,000 11,000 1,000 600
North Carolina 17,000 5,000 700 100
Tennessee 17,000 6,000 300 100


Although I’m not a virologist and this is my first exposure to a pandemic, here’s a little prediction. If the U. S. opens up it’s doors for  business, even with some modifications, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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There has NEVER been a vaccine for this type of virus. That is a COVID virus or more simply put the kind that spreads through the nose. The experimental vaccine from the UK that was used on rats in the US may be going in the right direction. Though the rats that took the vaccine didn’t develop bad lung congestion they did contract the virus.

p j evans

The CanSino vaccine project is having good results in their tests – so far. And some people seem to have temporary immunity because of having the right kind of cold virus.


No. To quote the head of that project…

“Teams from Oxford and the U.S. National Institutes of Health found the vaccine protected against pneumonia but didn’t eliminate the coronavirus in the nose. Pollard said it was still an open question whether the shot could make a dent in how the disease spreads.”


I don’t think it’s a matter of if the U.S opens for business. It’s already happening. Here in Oregon, which has a pretty good record so far (3800) cases, every county but 3 has now reopened restaurants and bars. My sister, who lives in a county that’s been reopened, said the restaurants in her town are packed, with no social distancing, and no masks.