If you would have told me four years ago that a grotesque fool like Donald Trump could inflict the type of extensive damage to our country that we now see, despite the contempt I had for his then already reputed cheating and hustling ways, I would have dismissed you as a ridiculous alarmist. That he would fail was certain, but the epic proportions to which he would do so, was truly unimaginable four long and better years ago. And the current spectacle of “Stupid and Crazy” on parade, that today and every day is being led by Donald Trump, the strangely proud Parade Drum Major, fueled by some adrenaline (or perhaps hydroxychloroquine side effect induced), erratic, crude and rude, mental state, is equally unbelievable.

It is time for the vaunted Donald voter base to wake up to Donald and his GOP enablers. This Trump administration has been such a disaster, such a myopic aberration and such a stain on the soul of our nation for so long, that a unique opportunity exists for this small group of Trump true believers to reverse a bad course, to get on the right side of history and to help put our nation on the road to recovery. Never before have so few, vile Trumpian cronies created so much harm to so many in such a short period of time. The wreckage is overwhelming. The record of his administration, this clan of selfish, racist interlopers is one disaster after another. They have held and controlled center stage for too long, but now their time is rapidly ending. Help hasten their departure. These people are not your friend. The only legislation these non-achievers have enacted was a 2017 tax act, falsely labelled as a giant benefit to the “middle class”, but which in truth was a transfer of approximately two trillion dollars to the upper 1% of wealth owners. Let me repeat that in terms of how much money they stole from our economy, our people, from you and me… in just one instance. There are now 100s of millions of dollars sitting in the off shore accounts of Donny’s friends, instead of being available to the 30 plus million unemployed workers today who could sure use those funds for such “luxuries” as the rent, the mortgage or a few meals. Many more examples exist of this “stealth in plain view” type of extraction of our country’s assets away from regular, hard-working folks and shifting them to the favored few. But when attempts are made to expose these harsh corrupt activities, we watch in stunned disbelief as our Corrupter in Chief fires four inspector generals in a row within a six-week period of time. These are Senate approved officials whose jobs were created specifically to oversee such departments as State, HHS, Intelligence, etc.; to watch out for and report to Congress instances of corruption, which might otherwise be overlooked. Donald fires them so that the corrupt activities that unjustly enrich his cohorts will go undetected. In the last 6 weeks he has continued his pattern of silencing his critics for simply doing their jobs properly.

The harsh truth of our current political environment, in which our rights and our finances are being chipped away, is best summarized by a quote attributed to the late President, Lyndon B. Johnson, who was describing the way in which racism has affected our politics: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” This is exactly the kind of sleight of hand that huckster Don does all of the time. He will point the finger at someone else to distract you…some convenient target, usually a black person whenever possible… and then rob you blind.

Donald is not the hero of the blue-collar working class, who he pretends to be. And he is no hero to the middle class either. He is a tool for every wealthy CEO who transferred your job overseas; for every trust fund baby who is living off the inheritances gained from the sweat of generations of hardworking folks like you and me and our grandparents. If you are one of the protesters dressed in military garb, brandishing AK 47s, and armed to the teeth, then you are one of the folks who are having your pockets picked by Donald and company, whose ineptitude protects only the wealthy donor class, the “fat cats” who fill his campaign coffers. Have you ever counted all those yachts you see in ports around the country, those $200,000 to $2,000,000 yachts?; or all of all those private planes, which you also will never own, because they belong to Mr. and Mrs. “ I have more money than you will ever have in 10 lifetimes of your $20 an hour jobs…or even $50 per hour jobs”.

If you want to vote for and follow leaders who will protect your interests, who will speak truth to power, who will not lie to you in the way that these well practiced hustlers do, Donny is not your guy. Instead, listen to a Senator like Bernie Sanders whose record is unimpeachable; whose lifetime of wisdom was earned by listening to the experts, the scientists, the people who put in the hard work. Or try the Honorable and Effective representative of the people’s interests, our former President Barack Obama, a black man who has more in common with you and your interests than Donald Trump, a spoiled child of privilege, a contemptible, hateful man who has never done an honest day’s work in his life. The only callouses he has on his hands are those from the too much golf he plays at all those clubs whose green fees you cannot and (under administrations like his) will not ever be able to afford.

You need to put your outdated notions of white supremacy aside. Put them in the garbage can, and then get on with the business of living in the light. When others go low, you go high. Contrary to the opinion of Vice President Mike Pence, this Pandemic will not be over on Memorial Day at the end of this month. You can be sure to remember that! And contrary to “Trump Junior Genius, Donnie Miniature,” 90,000 deaths and counting are not a hoax, nor a conspiracy to deflate Daddy’s ratings in the polls. These are the opinions of ignorant people who you can ignore. But remember this: Always consider how you would feel if, you as a model citizen, taking a morning jog, have to worry every day about some dumb malcontent with a hair up his ass, harassing you (or putting you in his sights) for no other reason than the color of your skin and because he can get away with it (and worse). You would dislike such an ever-present, un-erasable threat as much as every black man in America does every day of his life in a racist America. But when enough upstanding white guys, actually stand up to be counted, that will be the day when we will see some real economic reforms in this wealthiest of countries, where everyone who should be, will be getting their piece of the pie; where the main rule of governance will be the Golden Rule.

We all want to go back to work. We all want the economy restored to well-being. But we also must remember how our economy got so bad. It got so bad because the Donald Trump Administration was in too much of a hurry to make business better by rushing ahead without making proper preparations. And when you rush unpreparedly, bad things happen, like 100,000 deaths, many of which were unnecessary if proper, comprehensive, national planning had been put it into effect in the same manner that intelligent, responsible scientists, labor leaders, Governors and Mayors, and business leaders like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban and politicians like Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, a Republican and real businessman, all recommended. “Take your time, put things in place and then proceed cautiously”.

Those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail.” Wise words from John Wooden, Championship basketball coach, UCLA.

That is the real story in 2020 America. And you do not need 20/20 vision to see the reality. You only need to open your eyes and look around. We really are all in this together. Time to start working together.

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Two points. To night on ‘The 11th Hour’ a doctor pointed out that we have never had a vaccine for a virus transmitted through the nose. The common cold is a Covid virus. The British research that was used with rats with some success didn’t prevent the rats from getting the virus. It did keep them from developing bad lung damage, but they could still transmit. The second point concerns fascist propaganda. I pick up the mail for my dad every morning and sit and watch The Price is Right while he opens it and throws most of it away.… Read more »
Andrew S

Wise words, but is the MAGA crowd gonna flip? Will they admit their, “chosen one” has feet of clay? Will they realize that hatred and fear are NOT making America great? Sadly, no!

Annette Weatherman

I doubt that a single Trumper read your words today. They simply don’t partake of any content that has not originated from the Right. They know how to survive unscathed by the truth. No, they didn’t read you and will not be changing as a
result of what you said.

Better be thinking of another way to effect change..

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Good story, Mike! (But I think it’s “Wooten”)

chris whitley

And these idiots want to attack Social Security. Anyone freakin bill they have passed would put social security into the next century. Instead they want to take money away from us while they blow smoke up our asses and tell us what a great thing they are doing. Never will forget Dog Day Afternoon when he blew the guy a kiss. He told the idiot that he liked to get kissed when he got fcked.