The Coup de Grace?


The world breathes a little easier today, as five more countries have signed the nuclear test ban treaty. Today’s signatories were Chad, Sierra Leone, Upper Bolta, Monaco, and Iceland   George Carlin

You know, different people can have different reactions to being exposed to stupid. Hell, the same person can have different reactions to being exposed to stupid. For instance, you can see somebody getting ready to do something, not realizing that they’re missing a critical thing, and when they end up on their ass, you actually feel sorry for them, they were accidentally stupid. And you can see somebody else getting ready to do something stupid, already realizing it would be stupid, and they do it anyway. And when they end up on their ass, your only thought is Serves you right, you dumb ass!

When you look at today’s GOP, they most definitely belong in Column B. Going all the way back to 2009, GOP politicians, inspired by the Koch brothers discovered, that as long as you had a catchy enough knee jerk reaction slogan, such as repealing Obamacare, you were golden. As long as they keep promising to repeal Obamacare if you vote for them, you never have to actually deliver on that promise, even if you control the House, the Senate, and the White House. Hell, that’s what bullshit excuses are for.

Because the Republicans have become so used to the fact that they can keep pulling this same lame shit on their own sheeple and keep getting reelected, they’ve lulled themselves into thinking that they can say or do whatever they want, and pay no political penalty for it. But for the last 3 1/2 years, there have been disturbing signs that there has been a sea change, but the GOP is too fat, dumb and happy to pay any attention. But it’s about to come back and bite them in the ass.

What’s that old saw that I hate so much? Oh yeah, Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. That may be true, but you know what else Democrats tend to do when they get good and pissed off? They fucking organize! How many times have you and I done over this particular timeline?

It started on January 21st, 2017 when more than one million men, women and children descended on Washington DC, adorned with their adorable little pink pussy hats, spawning worldwide protest marches in solidarity that may have set the Guinness record for a single day protest. The GOP’s immediate response? Fucking whinerbag crybaby sore loser Democrats. The hell with me,something else will come up to take their attention away. They projected the shortcomings of their own base on the Democrats. Nothing to worry about.

But it didn’t go away. Part of it was a pure miscalculation on the part of the GOP. They misunderstood just how deep the loathing of everything that Donald Trump stands for and represents really was. But they didn’t stop there, it went on and on and on. The Muslim ban, the political gamesmanship over the DACA recipients, the child separation orders for the southern borders. Instead of letting the fire burn out by denying it fuel, Trump and the GOP just kept pouring gasoline on the fire. The 2018 midterms were a nightmare that surpassed even the GOP’s nightmare scenario, but they didn’t take the lesson. Not really.

And now the coronavirus pandemic that slammed up onto our shores. From day one, Trump considered the coronavirus as a purely political problem, and adjusted his messaging accordingly. His main focus was on the the stock market, since that was the only positive accomplishment on his record, and so he engineered his entire coronavirus response on reopening the economy as quickly as possible to shore the stock market back up again. There were two problems with this approach. F the fact that the sudden collapse of the stock market highlighted just how few middle class Americans were benefiting from the inflated numbers. But second, and more importantly, Trump and the GOP gave the impressions that they were playing political games with real people’s lives.

Today activists held a national day of mourning, also called a national funeral. In 20 different states, as well as Washington DC. The states included such critical Trump battleground states as Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. The protests included a slow moving auto funeral procession from Bitch McConnell’s DC McMansion to the White House, with cars bearing signs in the windows saying Trump lies, people die, as well as activists placing body bags across the street from the White House, in view of the Oval Office, as well as at various state capitols, all overseen by The Grim Reaper.

This is what the GOP just cannot understand, and what is going to kill them. These protesters aren’t going anywhere, this will continue. And as the coronavirus spreads more and more quickly throughout the heartland, the traditional GOP base, the more the impact is felt. Who cares is people like Kemp, Trump, McConnell and Pissantis in Florida notice or take heed. As the virus does its deadly damage, the more common, ordinary people lose friends and family to the virus, and the more stark the reminder of a Grim Reaper presiding over a sea of body bags brings home the carnage their President and government have wrought.

Trump has risked all on a roll of the dice to reopen the American economy as quickly as possible to hopefully shore up the stock market and give him something to brag about again. But it might not even matter. The forced early reopening of the states, especially the GOP controlled states, with their haphazard and half ass procedures, could end up bringing about the predicted second wave of the coronavirus as early as Labor Day, and running through September and into October. Just as early voting starts to crank into high gear. And guess what? If that happens, The Grim Reaper will be there, day after day, on television, surrounded by his bumper crop of body bags. Here’s a quick reality check for President Donald Trump. Your 401k program don’t mean a fucking thing if you happen to be dead!

To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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Upper Volta, surely, not Bolta? That was a real country back then. (It’s Burkina Faso now.)


Yes, they are unable to see. If they were able to, they wouldn’t be doubling down on death.


Trump is crazy


Certifiably if only a psych could test him!


Live the last long comment. Made my heart beat so happily to think Payback will be a Bitch! YESSS!