Donald Trump has assembled quite a hodge podge of “talent” to guide him to reelection. He’s got Brad Parscale, deemed by a Romney aide as “a money launderer, not a campaign manager” running the show, followed of course by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has so far failed at everything he’s tried and yet keeps falling upward to bigger and better phuque ups, and now on top of that is “Bush’s Brain,” none other than Karl Rove. This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Trump makes no bones of his distaste for Dubya and H.W. and his desire to not have “Bushies” around him — so why Rove? Secondly, on Rove’s part, what could he be thinking to want to hook up with Donald Trump? The answer to the first question is desperate times call for desperate measures and as to the second, Trump is now like Elvis in the final stages of his career, meaning people are hanging on to cash in until the gravy train derails permanently. Business Insider:

Even for Trump’s orbit, Rove’s decision to help Trump is an odd pairing and one many Republicans around Washington either didn’t know or want to talk about. Trump hasn’t hidden his disdain for his two most recent GOP presidential predecessors, neither of whom voted for him in 2016.

During his last campaign, Trump famously savaged the Bush family to the point where he didn’t attend the 2018 funeral of its matriarch, former first lady Barbara Bush, and was only reluctantly invited to former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral a few months later. Trump earlier this month responded to a video from former President George W. Bush calling for unity in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic by chiding him for not speaking up on his behalf during his impeachment.

Republicans familiar with the Rove-Trump alliance said it’s as much about political convenience as it is party loyalty. While many establishment members of the GOP dislike Trump’s demeanor and affinity for scandals, Rove and others view the president in the same light as they did in 2016 as a far better alternative to a Democrat in the White House. For the Trump campaign, Rove’s informal role adds decades of institutional knowledge about winning national elections and an inherent entry point for otherwise skeptical party stalwarts.

So now we have Turd Blossom, as Dubya dubbed Rove (?) on board, while Kushner and Parscale struggle to hang onto their power, and line their pockets. Rove just gave his benediction to Kelly Loeffler, for what that’s worth and he’s a regular talking head on Fox News. And now he’s going to turn out the vote for Trump, or at least that’s the fable du jour. We’ll see what magic tricks Rove comes up with as Americans die from COVID-19 daily and the economy is predicted to force millions into extreme poverty. But Karl Rove will overcome these obstacles, these minor speedbumps, yep.

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17 Comments on "‘Bush’s Brain’ Karl Turd Blossom Rove, Now On Team Trump"

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This just proves how many marbles rove has lost along the way.


Just when I couldn’t imagine what else tRump could add to his future Death Spiral, here comes our next participant in the Corona Chronicles: another contestant! Can’t wait to see the outcome of this saga! Fasten your searbelts!

Cherl Harrell

In my opinion they both have one thing in common, they are both evil. Although I think Rove as more diabolical. After that, November is coming!


Correction: they’re both incompetent evil. Rove’s post-W years bear out this thesis.


Yeah, Trump is doomed. W was the only real success Rove ever had on the national stage. He’s only bottom-fed since.

Tin woman1

It’s the money. It;s always the money.


Trump just keeps scraping the bottom of the barrel …. LOL