Ah, The Sweet Smell Of Desperation


I love NASCAR. When else am I going to see a 32 car pile up, and not be in the fucking thing   George Carlin

Washington DC is a lovely place in the spring, especially when the cherry trees are in bloom. Blocks of slowly blowing color, the petals covering the ground like a bridal procession, and everywhere the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms. And while we can’t all be there to enjoy the moment, there’s no reason for us to suffer. We can all open our windows, wherever we are, lean out, take a deep inhale, and revel in the sharp, sour, stale locker room sweat stench of Trump’s reelection efforts.

This is not at all going according to plan for President Puddle Pads and his merry minions. For Christ sale, in the age of coronavirus, Trump has sole possession of the ultimate bully pulpit. He can go from battleground state to battleground state, under the illusion of an “official visit” and dominate the news cycle. In the last week or so, Trump has been to media events in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and today Michigan. And while Joe Biden makes do by sending out social media signals from his basement at home, he’s built up an 11 point lead nationally, and leads in Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida and Michigan. It’s so bad in Michigan that Trump’s campaign is seriously considering ceding the state to Biden 6 months before election day.

With every move that Trump makes lately, it just adds another waft of fresh flop sweat to the campaign. Ursula just wrote that Trump has added Karl “Bush’s Brain” Rove to his reelection effort. The only thing you need to remember about Turd Blossom is that the last time this particular little prairie dog stuck his head up out of his hole, he did so with a war chest of $1 billion that he had to blow on GOP House and Senate races across the country. But when the dust settled, it turned out that Rove blew that cool billion while presenting his backers with an awesome 0.04% Return On  Investment. He ended up backing two lousy House winners. Even FUX News dumped his loser ass. He’ll fit right in with the rest of the cranial black holes over at Team Trump.

But it gets worse, because His Lowness keeps picking fights that the GOP would much rather let lie fallow. Yesterday he picked fights with Michigan and Nevada over steps that their Secretaries of State were taking regarding the use of mail in ballots for the general election. That Trump was wrong on the basic facts of the issue was irrelevant, it was that he raised the issue at all.

Right now, the last thing the GOP wants is any attention being paid to mail in or absentee balloting. They are still trying to hose off the toxic sludge that they dumped over their heads with their terribly failed lab experiment in Wisconsin for that special election. The GOP would much rather publicly ignore the issue of mail in or absentee balloting, and fight that behind the scenes by stripping Democratic provisions for more state money for mail in balloting through the negotiation process.

But Trump is literally killing them on this issue. In his little Trumper tantrum this morning, he claimed that absentee balloting was rife with fraud. Yeah, if you mean the Colorado GOP party chair that got caught lifting his ex wife’s ballot from her kitchen table, filling it in, and returning it, or the GOP idiot in North Carolina who hired workers to pick up absentee ballots from gullible voters, filling them in, and returning them. Those are the only two cases on record in recent memory.

But he put the nail in the coffin in his next sentence. He ranted that people should only be allowed to vote from home with legitimate excuses, otherwise they have to vote in person. Thanks numb nuts, that’s perfect! Almost every state has some form of absentee balloting, and the most common restriction is a legitimate excuse, such as being out of town, or in the hospital. That is the case in New Hampshire, and a couple of weeks ago, they pointed the way to painlessly expanding absentee voting at home. Their Governor signed an executive order that made the word coronavirus legitimate excuse for receiving an absentee ballot. If Trump wants a legitimate excuse, fine, just give the silly bastard his legitimate excuse. This kind of thing is what the national GOP is desperately trying to avoid, and Trump is serving it.

But the real reason for the toxic stench of desperation coming out of the Trump campaign is because incredible damage has already been done by a circumstance that was out of their control. Mainly because they are completely unable to control Trump. Let’s just take the coronavirus out of the equation here for a moment. Let’s just say that this was a purely economic crisis, brought on by Trump’s manifest incompetence.

Trump would still be front and center every day in the media, ranting and raving against imaginary enemies, tweeting like a drunken sailor, and generally behaving how Trump always behaves under pressure. But the thing is, it’s easy to ignore Trump’s tweets, and the 30 second clips of him on the news every night, especially if you’re busy busting your ass off trying to keep your job. Just as for much of his first three years, Trump is background noise, like your kids playing in the yard.

But the addition of the coronavirus changes that equation. People are trapped in the house with their kids pretty much 24/7. And while they putter around the house, doing shores and trying to keep the kids from reenacting the Spanish Inquisition, they likely have the television on for a good portion of that time as background noise. But because it’s there day after day, in their ear, they’re getting a solid dose of unfiltered Donald Trump. And because it’s a constant, long term immersion, his delusional behavior is becoming harder and harder to ignore.

In the poll that just came out that shows Biden leading Trump 50-39% nationally, there were two underlying numbers that portend even worse tidings for Trump. Biden is cleaning the floor with Trump when people are asked who they think would do a better job controlling the coronavirus, and he’s cleaning Trump’s clock when people are asked about who would do a better job on healthcare in this country. The coronavirus will still be here in November, and that fact means that both the virus as well as healthcare age going to be a one-two punch on election day. The coronavirus single handedly accomplished something nobody else, not even the Democrats could. The stay-at-home orders finally forced even Trump supporters to see him for who and what he actually is. And that’s the worst possible news Trump and the GOP could get.

To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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Just wanted to say I am loving the Carlin quotes in the last few entries. (I thought I was the only compulsive Carlin-quoter in the universe, lol). You are doing a bang-up job in every other way, too!
I keep wondering what Carlin would say today. It would no doubt be absolutely perfect.

p j evans

And it would contain seven words you *still* can’t say on radio.


I think your right about this virus is something he can’t chase away but still he’s causing a lot of harm and people are dying and he has no response. It out of his control. Boy this is going to be a long summer.


And fall…and winter. But we already knew that. We focus on enduring through it all and voting him in November in the meantime.

p j evans

And the third one: when most people are asked if they’re better off now than four years ago – they know that they were better off then.


And just think, P J…the Lincoln Project dropped that handy gem (among others) and it’s barely gotten started.

chris whitley

Well what I see is the memory of a voter commission that chased trump conspiracy theories on voter fraud last time and actually found gop driven irregularities and I believe some votes that didn’t get counted for Democrats. Correct me if I’m wrong, been a long day today.

Scott Jackson

Seems I recall the King & Queen of France pushed the peasants to the point the desperate souls invented a new game called Heads in a Basket. As E.E. Cummings mused…”There is some shit I will not eat.”


There’s also the point that Don John voted illegally by mail. It seems that Mara Lago is NOT a ‘private residence’ but a club and, under the rules he’s only entitled to spend three, non-consecutive 7 day periods living there, so his vote was illegal


Ah yes. The Spanish Inquisition. The chief weapon was surprise…surprise and fear. Scratch that. Their two chief weapons were surprise and fear and ruthless efficiency.

FML. Our three chief weapons were surprise and fear and a ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.

FFS. I’ll just come in again if you don’t mind.

You know how Inquisitions came to be? It started in northern France, where a subsect of Christians known as the Cathars were living their lives. If you’ve heard of the Gnostic Gospels, those were books they followed, leading to refuse to acknowledge legal contracts of any kind (including marriage, which was later used against them). Because they were anything but the tithing and tax-paying sort, they wound up on the wrong end of the Catholic Church, resulting in the Albignesian Crusade. The infamous misquote of “let God sort ’em out” came from a commander’s comment on burning down a whole… Read more »