This is not the least bit unexpected, because it’s exactly the kind of double speak and sophistry for which this mal-administration is known. In true Orwellian fashion, Donald Trump explains to us how it’s a wonderful thing to have all these cases on the books, and all these deaths, because that shows that we’re doing it right — or something. You take a listen.

Common sense is telling you, the cases are there, whether we test or not. That’s why the more we test the more we find. But no, Trump has his own quasi-metaphysical Shroedinger’s cat philosophy of this. If there’s a COVID-19 case and you don’t find it, then is it really there? Because remember, he said from the beginning, that if you want to keep your COVID-19 numbers low, don’t test, don’t let people on cruise ships dock, nothing. Just stick your head in the sand next to the other ostriches. And that, my fellow Americans, is why we lost two months of precious time and we are now paying for that delay and folly with our lives.  The only trouble is, Fox News will find a way to megaphone this idiocy and it will enter the record of the New Abnormal, the era in which we live.

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5 Comments on "Trump Says Being No. 1 In COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Is ‘Badge of Honor”"

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Tin woman1

Well, he’s nevr been No ! before. He can have it.

Cherl Harrell

I have two words Sarah Cooper. I love her tRump comedy bits. She takes his straight audio and lip-syncs to it, as if she is saying the words. It is the best. Her videos are on tik-tok, twitter and facebook. She says why bother with satire, when what he says is comedy gold?

Lil Blue Sock

I seriously doubt that the friends and families of the 90,000+ that are no longer with us feel the same way Trump-O, you dumbass.

dana fairfield

If he expressed himself coherently, he might actually have a point here. He needs to put the premise before the conclusion instead of the other way around. His main problem is his double-think where both a low number of cases and a high numbers are equally praiseworthy. This guy is really good at having his cake and eating it, too.

Janey K Kelly

Fuck head Fred has his head up his ass if he thinks this is a “Badge of Honor” How dumb is that?