This is one for the books. If the Lincoln Project or somebody doesn’t make a campaign ad from this fodder, I will truly be surprised. Here is Donald Trump telling us that Americans are being petty. Of course, Mike Pompeo is a big important guy, so he should have government employees walk his dog, wash his dishes, etc. Why not? Um….” Maybe the Big Important Guy can pay for it out of his own poccket? Then there wouldn’t be an issue. Duh.

Vintage Trump. He honestly doesn’t see anything wrong with this. Why aren’t all women like Donna Reed, he ruminates at night. We don’t know, Donald. Probably because they never were is a good guess, though.


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6 Comments on "Trump Defend’s Pompeo’s Corruption ‘Maybe His Wife Isn’t There To Do Dishes’"

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Lil Blue Sock

If Trump-O the Assclown hadn’t deported the undocumented laborer that Pompeo was paying $2.00 an hour under the table the damned dishes would get done.


I am surprised Trump knows about washing dishes. I thought all of his food came in a cardboard bucket, or box. With a spork, for his safety.

p j evans

Himself reveals how many years it’s been since he’s been in a kitchen.
Most people have dishwashing machines. So do most restaurants. And men can and do wash dishes.

dana fairfield

We have a dishwasher. It came with the house, but we never use it. I mean what’s the point when you have to wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher anyway. Might as well take an extra five minutes and do a good job.


The grossly overpaid like Pompeo deserve even more than their pay check. We seem to crave an aristocracy in spite of the founding fathers. A fellow disbursing clerk that was on a carrier used to talk about how the admiral would come down to disbursing and demand a thousand dollars or so for him and his buddies on liberty. Not legal, but no one really cared. Oh, as to founding fathers, Jefferson didn’t want us to have a standing army.


Those who think themselves in the aristocracy crave more of it. I don’t know that I’d call that “We” … as in “We the People”… of course we gave up that nomenclature many long years ago as we paid more attention to soap operas than politics.