Obama’s Buried Treasure


The current temperature at the airport is 68 degrees, which is fucking stupid, cuz I don’t know anybody who lives at the airport.   George Carlin

The human memory is a funny thing. Take mine for example. God knows I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday, and can’t even remember my own goddamn name if I don’t sing Happy Birthday to myself in my head, but I can still rip off the entire Gilligan’s Island theme song while unconscious.

I was reminded of this when I watched Rachel Maddow this evening. Rachel was talking about a memo to file that then NSA Susan Rice wrote to herself in the waning days of the Obama administration. The memo appeared in her book, and dealt with a meeting with President Barack Obama in which they were discussing the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. At one point, Obama asked Comey for his best judgement as to whether or not it would be risky for the Obama administration to share any information regarding Russia in the interim between the physical change of power on January 20th. Because Comey’s reply was still classified, Rice was unable to speak to it in her book.

From the day that the conversation became known, it has been a kind of fools Holy Grail for Trump and his cohorts. Paranoid lunatic that Trump is, he was dead certain that this was some kind of unholy Obama conspiracy against him, aided by the infamous deep state. The administration spent more than two years searching for details of the meeting, as well as that memo, and they finally found it. And they declassified it today.

The smoking gun against the Obama administration for secretly conspiring to bring about the summary downfall of Trump’s fledgling administration? A stern reminder from Obama to Comey that the investigation proceed completely by the book, with no shadow of White House interference. Oh yeah, Comey’s best judgement regarding sharing sensitive Russian information with the incoming Trump administration basically came down to Let’s not and say that we did, since incoming NSA Michael Flynn was spending an unusual amount of time in engaging in pillow talk with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

That was the smoking gun, the windmill that Don Trumpote spent almost three years tilting against. A stern reminder from the sitting President to his FBI Director to run his investigation independently from the White House, with no fear or favor, and the stunning revelation that James Comey was deeply suspicious of Michael Flynn’s relationship with the Russian Ambassador.

And here’s where my quirky but feeble memory comes in. That segment triggered a long buried memory in my cranium. Not the event itself, but the original coverage of it. And based on this memory, I’m ready to make a prediction. Since Trump seems to be hell bent to prosecute this fantasy persecution by Obama, get ready for lots more of these kinds of revelations.

Here’s why I say that. I remember that during the original kerfuffle brought out by this revelation is Susan Rice’s book, it turns out that for such a dignified , measured, and honorable man, President Barack Obama was one protective, sneaky son of a gun. And that’s going to be a real problem for Trump.

As it turns out, there was a very specific reason why Susan Rice wrote that particular memo to file. It seems that there was already some distrust in President Obama’s mind as to the devotion to truth, fact, and due process of the incoming Trump administration, especially where the issue of the Trump-Russia relationship was concerned. Obama was worried that once in office, the Trumpkins would go through the files, scouring out and selectively deleting anything that could put them in a negative light if any kind of an independent investigation ensued.

So the word went out to the streets. Quietly, and discreetly, but the word went out on the street. If anybody was dealing with a document or information that they felt might be susceptible to deletion at a later date, write a memo to file, with an generic title line, and keep not of it. In the memo, make detailed references such as file and document numbers, locations, and vital info. When sending the memo, CC a trusted subordinate or superior. And then sit back and wait.

It was simple, and foolproof. DO you have any idea of how much paperwork, both paper and electronic, any department of the US government churns out in a day? More than any of us can conceive of. It took almost three years of concerted effort for the Trumplets to uncover that one memo, and then the dumb asses declassified and released it, obviously without taking the time to read and comprehend it first. Now, imagine people like James Comey, Susan Rice, Jim Clapper, Dan Coates, and Loretta Lynch, all sending out innocent sounding memos to file, all containing sensitive information, which they alone could easily access or instruct for access, for documents and information that they didn’t want to see suddenly disappeared.

And since Trump is that guy who somehow or other never manages to find a way to avoid stepping on that stupid rake, this is what is laying in wait for Trump and the GOP if they actually persist in holding hearings into the workings of the Obama White House. All of these people know that they filed these memos, where they are, and exactly how to find them. They can give the necessary information for uncovering to Democrats on various committees, preferably House committees, to supervise their unearthing. And when it comes out, it will generate a scandal that will overshadow anything that the GOP may be trying to cobble up for short term electoral gain. As they say in The X-Files, The Truth Is Out There.

To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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I am a huge fan of trumps failures. And they will continue.

Lil Blue Sock




Martini Mistress

And I give you my most *evil smirk*




Trump is the best advertisement for not voting for him.


Thanks Mr. Murphy. Had forgotten about this system they said they had before the inauguration of Putin’s BOY. That morbidly obese butt can provide a bite for everyone in the last legitimate, desirable President’s administration.

Cherl Harrell

I love the concept of the more they dig, the more truth will come out. All the while they think they are digging dirt. Just rich.