Donald Trump’s psyche is filled with land mines and the Lincoln Project has demonstrated that they know just where to step. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, has been living very high on the hog since he met Trump. Now since Trump is the ultimate grifter, to show him that he’s being grifted by somebody else should truly drive him nuts — at least that is my speculatiion about where the Lincoln Project is going with this.

The Lincoln Project promised that their next ad would drive Trump up a wall and it looks like they’ve delivered.

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5 Comments on "Lincoln Project Delivers the Next Blow, An Ad On How Trump’s Getting Conned by His Own Campaign Manager"

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Cherl Harrell

There seems to be an issue with the link to the video. It won’t play on my pc.


Nor mine. And I can’t find it on the Lincoln Project’s YouTube File either.


This is one of their best. I love it.

Scott Jackson

From the Old Testament Prophets to especially the teachings of Jesus, the warning is to not trade your very soul for the love of money. Orangebob shitpants is the poster child for urinating on that teaching. Some people say his poster is on the Devil’s cell wall in Hell. We’ll see.


Donnie Dumbass hates anyone more successful than him (see Bezos, Jeff). Someone who got to that position feeding at a trough he can’t will get under his thin orange skin beautifully.