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Ahhh. It seems like only yesterday that Emperor Gluteus Maximus was sitting around, pissing and moaning that testing for the coronavirus was overrated. That’s what he said. His sane and logical reasoning was that if we weren’t doing as much testing, there wouldn’t be so many cases. Yes, he actually said that too.

Oh, shit! It turns out that it was only yesterday when he said that. I’m confused because today he said that the incredibly high number of coronavirus cases in the United States His flavor of the day contention for today was that if we only tested 1 million people instead of 134 million people, we wouldn’t have so many cases. Therefore, our insane rate of infection and sky high death total are actually a badge of honor for the superiority of our testing. Am I the only one whose head is spinning?

Let’s quickly recap. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Trump was bragging from behind the podium in the White House briefing room that we were doing more testing per capita than any other country on earth. Not only was it demonstrably false, but it served no particular positive purpose for him to say it, since our numbers were so out of orbit. Then he said that testing was overrated, and if we weren’t testing so much, we wouldn’t have so many cases. And now, he flops again to state that our insane infection numbers are a credit to out outstanding testing, which in simple fact has been nothing short of criminally pathetic.

All of these positions share two things in common. One, they’re all pure, unadulterated bullshit, and two, they’re mathematically impossible. Testing is not the question or issue here, math and accuracy are. If you have 2 million people with the coronavirus, and you test 10 people who come up negative, you still have 2 million people with the coronavirus, you just don’t know it yet. And if you have 2 million people with coronavirus, test 40 million people, and come up with 2 million active cases, all that means is that your testing was accurate. The cases are there, whether or not they’re counted in testing before they start showing up at the hospitals to die!

The reason this is important is a political one, and it’s one of the reasons that Trump is in such deep shit in his reelection campaign. In my Obamagate! article, I noted that one of Trump’s problems was that he was bleeding support among American’s 65 and older, which is one of the GOP’s most dependable core constituencies. This is true. In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton among seniors 52-47%. The latest national polls show Biden leading Trump among seniors 52-45%. Basically Biden has flipped one of the most reliable GOP voting blocks.

The reason this is so important is this. As a card carrying old fart, I know that we frost tops know a couple of things. For starters, I know we vote at a higher percentage than any other demographic, and the politicians know that too. Second, we know that we’re gonna die sooner than most of the rest of you. And third, we all know our mathematics. That’s because the vast majority of us went to public schools back when they were fully funded, and therefore for a quality education. At least where the fundamentals such as math are concerned.

Right now, retired NASA Commander Mark Kelly is leading caretaker GOP Senator Martha McSally in Arizona by 13 points. Y’all know Arizona? My neighboring state, and a lovely place. But ya know what Arizona is full of? Old, white, retired Americans. You know, the ones who know their math, and know that despite all of the fooferaw, we’re still the premier demographic for that coronavirus that Trump can’t quote decide whether he believes in or not? Right now there are 11 electoral votes up for grabs in Arizona, and if the Senate race is anything to go by, His Lowness is in the hurt locker.

And now let’s make a quick trip back across country to a charming little burgh known as Florida. Back in Florida we have an incumbent Trombie Governor by the name of Ron Pissantis who seems determined to turn his state into a remake of the movie Police Academy: Assignment Miami Beach, with all of the drunken tomfoolery that entails. But when the cameras go off, you know what else Florida has? An incredibly large mostly white, senior population who are more interested in bathroom breaks than spring breaks. Of the seniors in Florida turn against Trump, he’s finished, there’s no at risk Democratic state I can see that would make up the loss of Florida’s electoral votes.

You remember what I said in a recent article? I said that Sometimes stupid doesn’t seem so stupid, as long as the stupid is all that you see. The problem with the coronavirus is that it is by nature both medical and scientific, which means that whether His Lowness likes it or not, those pesky facts are going to come to light in regards to the pandemic in this country. Whatever else you can say about us golden moldies, we’ve all had long lives spent by having cheap cons like Donald Trump pull the wool over our eyes. We may be old, but we’re not stupid, and we fucking vote!@ Religiously.

One last thing before I go. Today, in his standard lame ass defense for proudly proclaiming that he was personally taking his own latest snake oil, Trump defended his actions claiming that there was one dishonest study, where they gave the drug to a bunch of really sick people, who were already almost dead. Gee, do you think that might sound like somebody one of us senior citizens might know? Insensitive prick.

To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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Lil Blue Sock

I used to think Trump was an azzhole, but I’ll admit I was wrong and not seeing the whole, BIG picture.

Having said that, I now realize that Trump is a complete azz.





I agree with you. However, there are a lot of typos in there. You need to reread before publishing.

p j evans

Bless your heart.

p j evans

If you don’t like typos, start your own blog….


If the Republican party–its “leadership”, elected officials, and party-line voters–wasn’t so repellently, hypocritically, and obviously unconcerned with what Trump is doing to America, too busy forging ahead with its long-term agenda to destroy American democracy and democratic institutions, I’d almost feel sorry for (some of) those people. Donald Trump’s not just a dead cat tied around their necks, it’s one helluva heavy feline with an eye-watering stink that’s growing worse by the hour. With a big ol’ brass bell on its collar. A loud one.
(Good to read you again, Murph.)

Carroll Ann Robinson
Just because I haven’t read this to date doesn’t of course mean I’m the only one to whom this has occurred: um, this guy in the WH? Well. Um. He’s almost 74, on a few heart meds, and as Nancy Pelosi said so truthfully, he is morbidly obese. Wonder if this has something to do with his multiple delusions–I’m the chosen one; I alone can fix it; I’m a very smart person; I have unlimited power, the Constitution says so; and on and on the crazy wheel spins, so maybe to include he’s not really in his seventies? Or, aging… Read more »
Janey K Kelly

I think Azz is to polite for his highness. Hem thinks he a king and we should all bow down, well, he can kiss my big fat white ass.

Nancy M Parker

Schroedinger’s virus. If you don’t look at it, it isn’t there. That’s the foolery this administration is trying to pass off as a plan.