Wisconsin: The GOP’s Coronavirus Petri Dish


What is it about Wisconsin that makes it somehow so susceptible to all of the vagaries and pecksniffery that the GOP seems to come up with that have trouble taking root elsewhere? I dunno, maybe all of those cow farts? Too many fried curds? But whatever, Wisconsin is once again in the forefront of a national controversy regarding the coronavirus.

First it was the special election debacle in April, where the GOP led legislature used GOP dominated courts to force in [person voting for an election that Democratic Governor Tony Evers had ordered the election delayed. Following that special election, the Wisconsin health department started tracking newly reported cases, and found a significant spike of cases among people who had gone out to vote in person.

And now they’re at it again. Wisconsin’s state Supreme Court threw out Governor Evers’ stay-at-home order as unconstitutional, basically turning Wisconsin into The wild West as one official put it. While the ruling had no effect on local and county orders, it has thrown the state into a massive confusion. And there are already reports of a spike in coronavirus cases since the order was rescinded by the court. But here I would introduce a note of caution against hysteria. One of the things that makes the coronavirus so difficult to contend with is the 8-14 day gestation period from the time of infection until serious symptoms become apparent. I tend to believe that the spike that’s being reported were actually cases contracted before the court’s ruling, we won’t begin to see any effects from that ruling for at least another week yet.

The thing is, this Wisconsin court ruling could have unintended consequences for the GOP nationally. By basically throwing the state wide open with basically no social distancing or personal protection measures, the effects of a wide open state should become apparent in the next 14-28 days. In other words, just about the time that ore measured GOP states such as Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Arizona are preparing to move into the more expansive stages 3 and 4.

If Wisconsin has an explosion of new coronavirus cases reported, and hospitalizations, it may well be a canary-in-the-coal-mine to these other states on the wisdom of rushing forward with the more advanced stages of reopening, especially if their initial steps bring a spike that promoted public outcry about the process. And it could well make already reticent Governors like Nike DeWine in Ohio slow walk their re-openings even more. And this is the last thing that the GOP wants.

There are two reasons for Trump’s push to reopen these states as quickly as possible, one economic, and one political. Trump is desperate to get the state economics moving again, in the hopes that it will spur a rise in the stock market, allowing him to once again tout his accomplishments. But if Wisconsin sees a spike in cases, with the finger pointing at their precipitate reopening all at once, then the markets could take another tumble with the prospect of a long, slow reopening, especially if more states scale back their plan.

The political angle is just as perilous. Make no doubt about it, Trump’s main reason for rushing these states to reopen is so that they reach the stage where mass gatherings are allowed again. Trump needs to seed his voracious ego as the trough of Trombie adulation. He needs to get up on that stage, spout his shit, and hear the roars of the faithful. If Wisconsin falls apart at the seams as a result of reopening the state socially, it could make it much harder, and a much longer wait before Trump can once again dip into that mass rally well.

So once again Wisconsin finds itself a battleground state, but not for electoral votes this time. Wisconsin could be a battleground for the fates of literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of American lives over the course of the ext few months. And depending on the results, it could make the electoral map even more difficult for Trump in November. Don’t touch that dial.

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New infections are practically baked in the cake at this point, Murf. You’re right when you say any infections we’re seeing now are the results from 8-14 days past. But much like here in TN, I expect it to skyrocket in Wisconsin. Meantime, I’m staying home.

p j evans

Texas is going up, also, as they open before they’re really ready. They’re lying about their testing figures, as well. with antibody tests counted in with the diagnostic tests.


It is somewhat surreal that we have a president prepared to gamble actual ordinary citizen’s LIVES on his re-election campaign.

Not really dying for your country is it?


It’s more like their lives are being sacrificed to Moloch like that one scene in the silent film classic Metropolis.


Good analogy, great movie.

chris whitley

Wisconsin is going to make a nice picture. All those dummies running around proving its all a hoax right up to the emergency rooms sudden influx of patients with the virus.


Here in Ohio, bars were packed this weekend, people elbow to elbow, just hanging out, owners lying that they were trying to keep people apart but occasionally they brushed past each other. No, you assholes — they were hanging out, not moving. DeWine is talking about yanking their liquor licenses and I hope he does, and doesn’t let himself get beaten down by the 200 “open up” assholes threatening the lives of the rest of us.



Those 200 assholes aren’t going be in any shape to use their beloved guns in a couple of weeks anyway. Not much to be afraid of there.