What? You didn’t think that Donnie forgot about Good Old General Mike Flynn did you? Just because you’re driving a Volvo with 325,000 miles on it; and your second vacuum cleaner is an old Hoover upright that is still sucking away just fine, after 50 years and only two trips to the repair shop, you are not even close to as good a conservationist as “Second Hand Don”, who gets more mileage out of every scandal than any other President in history. He is “Secondhand Rose”, selling secondhand shows”, and that little dittie should be his main Bumper Sticker.

There was no way in hell that Donald was going to let a perfectly good distracting scandal like “dropping all charges against General Flynn” go to waste, when he has a perfectly terrible mismanagement crisis of global significance going on with Covid-19, which is in immediate need attention of deflecting headlines as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

“General Old Faithful Flynn’s” story has served “Donnie Do Wrong” so well on at least  five or six different occasions, it would be a shame to let it go to waste just now when he has a perfectly good mismanaged Healthcare Pandemic to deflect attention away from. Banners screaming, “What to do about General Flynn’s fifth visit to the headlines?”, not to mention clever titles like , “How are we to deal with this Outrage of Bill Barr’s Injustice Department?”, can buy three, maybe four more deflecting news cycles.

Talk about getting more bang for your buck, nobody does it better than the Donald when it comes to using re-treads over and over again. I mean, really, short of re-impeachment of Donny and/or possibly indicting Big Bill, what else can be said or done about these tired old variations on the same sordid stories and characters…not to forget that “Case Dropped Mikey” is now running around free as bird with an ear to ear grin adorning his happy, Hawk beak…with which he may even venture forth to find some more trouble to stick it into.

In the meantime, as the President continues to ignore the responsibilities of his office, so many people in America, the richest country in the world, are suffering terribly, right now, today. One in five children go to sleep hungry every night. Thirty-three million Americans are unemployed, most unable to make the rent or feed their families. Half that number cannot qualify for food stamps.  And what is our President doing to show that he is interested in the problems of every day, regular Americans? Nothing at all, except to spend his time preparing to deflect attention away from his ineptitude at solving America’s problems by having his Attorney General drop charges against General Michael Flynn, a man who has confessed to felonies of lying to the FBI and of betraying his oath of office.

This behavior is what now passes for responsible government leadership.

 Seriously, what else can be said or done?

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3 Comments on "Michael Flynn the Scandal That Keeps On Giving"

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chris whitley
So, what’s your point. Everyone knows trump is a lying bigot that doesn’t care about anyone but him. The only reason he cares about the unemployed is that the optics look bad. I’m surprised he hasn’t organized work camps where you go around cleaning ditches and raking forests. Remember the old WPA. My grandfather worked on that. He would love to pull up in his motorcade and tell these office workers with blisters on their blisters what a fine job they were doing. My grandfather said it was no cakewalk. You worked or they replaced you. Another sucker sitting at… Read more »
Alfred Higgins

Personally, I trust General Mills more!