Mitt Piles On, And Shows The Democrats The Way


Because members of congress have to be so scripted in everything they say to protect their jobs,it is a rare and most enjoyable thing to see one unchained. That most often occurs when one is retiring, he can speak his mind without fear of having to please either party leaders, or his or her own constituents. They take shots because they know they can with no fear of retribution.

Which makes it even more enjoyable to watch a congressman or Senator go for the fences when he has no intention of retiring, daring the gods. And GOP Senator Mitt Romney of Utah is just such a man. When it comes to speaking his mind, especially against a pocket tyrant like Donald Trump, Romney hits the trifecta. First, he’s not in the 2020 cycle, so he doesn’t have the Trump anchor around his neck. Second, by the next time he does run, in 2024, Trump is a non factor, whether he’s reelected in 2020 or not. And third, Romney’s home state of Utah hates Trump’s ever loving guts, so he can get away with pretty much anything on that score.

And on questioning on the Senate HELP committee today questioning the Trump coronavirus task force mucky-mucks today, Romney came out with all guns blazing. Romney’s first task of the day was taking Trump’s show Admiral to the woodshed over his rosy statements regarding the US’s coronavirus testing vs South Korea. In the Rose garden yesterday, he gushed over the fact that the United States was now doing far more testing than South Korea.

Romney was having none of it. He told the admiral that his comparison wasn’t really a legitimate one, since the South Korans came out of the gate testing like bastard maniacs while Trump futzed around with fantasies of having 0 cases, and miracle cures. He went on to say that if you looked at the numbers, South Koreas testing numbers were going down, down, down, mainly because they had already tested almost their entire population, while outs were going up, up, up, because we were trying to get out from behind the 8 ball on testing. He then reminded the admiral that while the US has ore than 80,000 coronavirus deaths, the South Koreans only have a 258, which spoke volumes about the accuracy and efficacy of the two countries testing regimens.

Then Romney set his sights on Dr Fauci. Romney brought up the fact that Trump had directly held former President Barack Obama for the whole mess, for not having a vaccine all ready to go for the crisis. Romney asked Fauci whether either Obama or Trump were to blame for the lack of a vaccine, to which Fauci replied no. Since this was an unknown strain of virus, it would be impossible to have a vaccine for an unknown. And another bad tempered tweet bites the dust.

The very next Senator in the batters box, Alabama Democrat Doug Jones, picked up right where Romney had so graciously left off. He again brought up the comparison between the US and South Korea, reminding all and sundry that while the US has only 6 times the population of South Korea, they have 10 times the death rate, any head-to-head comparison is nothing to brag about.

Each, in their own rather pointed way of questioning the witnesses, brought out a valuable tool for the Democrats, including residential nominee Joe Biden, to use frequently going into the future. I have written a couple of articles now in which I opined about what a moron Trump is, because he keeps seeking to inflate his own ego and presidential persona by comparing himself to past presidents. Which totally begs a legitimate comparison which ends up making Trump look like an idiot and total failure.

But past presidents aren’t the only thing that Trump compares himself and his accomplishments to. And let’s face it, Trump doesn’t really get numbers, they’re too complicated. Trump’s idea of comparative accuracy is counting to make sure that there really are 12 pieces in the KFC bucket. And since Donald Trump is the man they were thinking of when they coined the phrase Keep It Simple Stupid, Trump’s staff is reduced to looking for any kind of number that paints Trump in a positive light, and giving as little background explanation as possible.

As Romney and Jones both pointed out today, Trump has, and will continue to make simplistic comparisons of base line numbers, with no actual knowledge of what’s actually being compared. Which makes the comparisons invalid. Let him continue to spout off this nonsense, but don’t just say he’s full of shit, take the 10 minutes to do the math, and show in simple terms just why he’s full of shit. Trump is on the ropes, and the more the Democrats respond to each wild haymaker with a 1-2 combo to the gut, the wobblier he’s going to get. I mean, just look at the dude, Rocky Balboa he ain’t.

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dana fairfield

Did Doug Jones really say it the way you indicated? Our death RATE per million is 252. South Korea’s is 5. So our death rate is 50 times greater.

priscianus jr

“while the US has only 6 times the population of South Korea, they have 10 times the death rate … ” These figures are correct but the framing is confusing because death RATE means percentage of deaths per number of cases, so the relative sizes of the total populations is irrelevant. The comparison would be relevant if we were comparing total numbers of COVID deaths in each country, but not percentages.

Not really sure what you’re going on about. The US has a TOTAL population that is roughly 6.2 times that of South Korea (320 million vs 51 million). The US has 127 times as many confirmed cases of coronavirus compared to South Korea (1.4 million vs less than 11,000). The US has had 320 times as many deaths from coronavirus compared to South Korea (83,000 vs 259). Therefore, the US’s death rate from coronavirus is nearly 3 times that of South Korea’s (5.9% vs 2.3%). Do those numbers really make you feel any better? I mean, if you really want… Read more »
dana fairfield
I think you are missing the point. It is just an explanation of the word “rate,” not a refutation or a spin. A lot of comments across a lot of forums mislabel “number” as “rate.” The normal smoothing mechanism to make comparison easier is per capita. Per capita means per person, so it works for data that generally apply at a per person level like income. Virus deaths do not apply at a per person level (Well you can but you would get a very small, useless decimal number). So we pick a power of ten that will yield an… Read more »
peter logan

“Testing like bastard maniacs” brilliant so funny guts hurt


There are a lot of typos in this article. Read, please, before publishing.


The “murfster” admittedly has a degenerative sight problem. His typos can be forgiven.