Lamar Alexander May Want To Think Again.


Here, let a guy who knows what he’s doing try that   Famous Last Words

To be frank and honest, I’m not sure just what in the hell HELP Chair Lamar Alexander is trying to pull here. I don’t know if he’s feeling remorse, and wants to give the Democrats a freebie to make up for his treasonous impeachment vote, or if he just doesn’t give a shit since he’s retiring anyway, or he wants to shiv Trump in the back, or what?

But if his logic is anything other than one of the three listed above, it’s faulty and potentially disastrous. After the White House got on its hind legs to stop any members of the vaunted coronavirus task force from appearing in front of any House committees, Alexander turns around and invites a slew of them, including Fauci, to appear next week at a Health, Education, Labor and Pension committee hearing. This makes about as much sense as a divorce lawyer best man at a wedding.

Apparently Alexander has invited this little kaffee klatsch to discuss such benign issues as testing and education. And since the Republicans control the committee, Alexander feels that this will also allow them to control the narrative. This is all well and good. And it’s also senseless and stupid. Because the Democrats on the panel are going to have the chance to ask questions too, and they sure as shit aren’t going to have anything harmless and benign in mind.

You can bet your ass that the Democrats want to talk about testing. About the pathetic lack of it, with no improvement in sight. And they’ll want to talk about how testing symptomatic patients is fine, it’s testing the asmptomatic ones that tell you who to quarantine, something the administration has absolutely no interest in doing. They’ll use Fauci to They’ll use Fauci to 2X4 Trump over the head for his idiotic executive order to immediately reopen the meat processing plants, exposing the grave, and even potentially fatal risks it exposes the workers to, just so he has a plentiful supply of bacon double cheeseburgers.

And then for dessert, they’re going to eviscerate Trump over every last one of the four stage steps that the CDC recommended for states in their reopening their states, guidelines Trump himself specifically endorsed and approved. They’re going to drag up every single moron GOP led state that is reopening while new cases are still on the rise, and then give Fauci free rein to expound on the most dire possible consequences of such an action.

This is a nightmare, no-win scenario for the GOP, and A cannot understand how Alexander fails to see this. Once the Democrats get rolling, and Fauci starts spreading doom and gloom o’er the land the GOPtards on the panel are going to be left with two unpalatable choices. One is that they let Fauci’s incredibly damaging testimony stand largely unchallenged, and keep trying to pivot to more harmless subjects as a distraction, and good luck with that. Or two, and I find this highly likely, at least from some GOP panel members, they start asking incredibly stupid fucking questions to try to bail Trump out, only to be rebuggered by Fauci in his reply. The one I’m looking forward to the most is the first GOP idjit up there that leans forward seriously into the microphone, and asks Dr Fauci just why it’s so brain numbingly stupid to inject household disinfectants into your body? That will be one for the ages.

So, I’m completely incapable of coming up with an even vaguely sane reason why an old hand like Lamar Alexander would invite this kind of disaster upon himself and his party. But hey, in the age of Trump, joy where you find it. And if Lamar Alexander is hell bent on handing the Democrats this kind of a gift, the least they can do in return is to ensure that it’s not a wasted opportunity.

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He’s my Senator, sadly, and as useless as they come. After he voted to acquit, I called up his office specifically to say “To hell with you!” (exact quote on how I ended that call). I’ve not bothered calling him since.

Frankly, I can’t bring myself to care why he’s doing it. Deliberately or not, he’s primed to ruin Trump’s day and that’s enough for me. Alexander himself remains a POS regardless.

Shitty people, in their rush to complete the inquiry into the virus by ACTUALLY letting these experts finish sentences, unlike the dean of stupid, who was breaking into and steamrolling their comments at those Trump rant pressers disguised as covid-19 reports …. it’s a last gasp twitch by L.A., since HE is shitty, and appears to be totally unencumbered by facts himself, he has just made a small blunder that may just cost Trump a DVT …. Obviously, if L.A. was attempting to provide a situation where the experts could be forced to complement/support Trump in an official committee meeting… Read more »

TN Dems gotta a long way to go before they’re what you’d call competitive in this state. This will be where the Trumpistas will make their last stand.

I don’t know about that. AL Dems only got lucky because Doug Jones ran against an utterly reprehensible candidate and won *ONLY* because at least 1/3 of Alabama GOPers couldn’t stomach going to the polls and voting *for* a Democrat, even against Moore, so they stayed home. (And, I’ve posted prior numbers and election results many times previously so I’m not doing it here but the numbers prove they stayed home.) Doug’s opponent isn’t known yet but it’s either going to be Jeff Sessions vying for his old job or Tommy Tuberville (former head coach at Auburn which could pose… Read more »

A better way to put it, I suppose, was that TN would be ONE of the places where Trumpistas made a last stand. But trust me, Doug Jones has a better chance of getting reelected right now than ANY Dem here has of getting elected in the first place.

dana fairfield

If Alexander is lucky, maybe he’ll get a chance to redeem himself.


Don’t hold your breath. This guy has never been more than mediocre at his job. As Al Franken put it when Alexander was trying to run president in the 1990s, “What can I say about Lamar Alexander? Lamar, give it up.” He’s just another footnote in an awful presidency that will claim a lot of careers.

chris whitley

Yeah after house struck out big time on Fauci and I then seen it on the senate I was kinda wondering what’s up. Now I see. And never thought of it, but there are certain people you wouldn’t want for best man or bridesmaids. Live and learn.