BREAKING: Rewriting History. Barr Moves To Drop Michael Flynn Charges


Well, well, well. Isn’t this special? Multiple networks are reporting that the Trump Department of Selective Justice filed a legal brief today with District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan, asking that the original charges against former Trump NSA Michael Flynn be dropped.

Just to briefly recap the case, since so much shit does down in such a rush around here. Days after El Pendejo Presidente was inaugurated, DOJ Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates took the unusual step of going to the White House to inform then White House Counsel Don McGahn about newly minted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. She informed McGahn that Flynn was a prime subject for Russian blackmail die to the fact that they knew that he had lied about his contact with Russians. The lies extended up the ladder to lying to his boss, Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn went on to resign, plead guilty to lying twice, and even become a cooperating witness for the prosecution for a while.

Well, you can forget about all of that shit. The US Attorney went into court today to request that the presiding Judge Emmett Sullivan drop the charges against Flynn. But the filing appears, at least on the face to veteran prosecutors, to give the game away. It is not unknown for prosecutors to petition the court to drop charges, but their filings are normally straightforward, with the introduction of new evidence that tends to cast doubt on the validity of the prosecutions case. The logic in the Flynn filing is so convoluted it basically resembles a plate of spaghetti dropped out of a third floor window.

It is a two pronged approach. First, playing on Tubby the Ewok’s favorite position that a president is basically a Greek God, untouchable by mere mortals, that even a presidential candidate could not be investigated by federal authorities. As a result, even though Trump was now president, the FBI had no legal grounds to question Flynn in the first place. And the second prong is that the FBI interviewed Flynn regarding his previous, non authorized contacts with former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. The problem is that former FBI officials involved with the investigation are saying that the investigation was not about Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak, but his repeated lying to Vice President Michael Flynn about those contacts.

But this may not yet be a done deal. From the day he gaveled in Flynn’s preliminary arraignment, Judge Emmett Sullivan became the sole holder of Michael Flynn’s  case. And while the DOJ filing is full of bluff and bluster about their absolute right to drop the charges, the ultimate decision rests in the hands of Judge Sullivan. And all you need to know about Judge Emmett Sullivan is that he’s the one, in a sentencing hearing last December, angrily demanded to know from the prosecutors as to whether they had seriously considered leveling charges of treason.

Get used to it, because this is what fabricated historical revisionism looks like. Trump’s impeachment is a bright red stain that he can never bleach out. So the new battle plan is to have Tubby the Ewok get all hands on deck to come with spurious and nonsensical reasons to drop all of the cases that emerged from the Mueller investigation, trying to smear the Mueller investigation as illegitimate, and therefore the actual impeachment of Trump as illegitimate.

Welcome to American selective justice. I guess it’s just a good thing that we don’t have any really important cases to try, you know, like drug kingpins and terrorists. Not when the Barr whores are working overtime to invent ways to get that stain out.

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8 Comments on "BREAKING: Rewriting History. Barr Moves To Drop Michael Flynn Charges"

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Tin woman1

Flynn is guilty. So is *Rump.


Bet you anything that this is just Barr trying to get Trump to calm down. Lest we forget, this week has been a disaster for him so far and next week–hell, next year–isn’t looking any better. So this was a cheap, inexpensive move to fool Trump.

p j evans

The good news is, it’s the judge who decides whether to toss the case…and the judge ain’t happy with Flynn or his lawyers, and won’t be happy with this move (which none of the career DOJ people signed off on).


It seems like trvmp will just pardon Flynn if the judge doesn’t cooperate with the dismissal. I guess that wouldn’t go well with anyone but his base, but I doubt this one thing sways the election.

Inland Jim

Was my understanding Flynn had already been convicted. If so, htf do you just drop the charges and have it mean anything?

Judyann J

There is nothing to rewrite here unless you care to speak to Judge Sullivan’s disgusting bias.
AG Holder, Obama’s self described WingMan, dropped charges in US vs Sullivan for SAME issue, prosecutorial misconduct.

ANYBODY who thinks it’s a good idea for prosecutors to withhold exculpatory evidence better HOPE THEY are never on the receiving end of that illegal tactic.

Mueller and his junkyard dog prosecutors are notorious for playing fast and loose with exculpatory evidence. For them, it’s not about justice, it’s about winning and “get your man” regardless of guilt or innocence