Trumpty Dumpty dreamt of a wall
to sit on as king, but he had a great fall

and the Corona Virus impeded his men
when they tried to put Trumpty together again

Yes, a wee, tiny being destroyed this poor fellow
That bad egg was quite runny, with small bits of yellow

And the citizens watched, from LA to Hoboken
but the king was too stupid to know he was broken

So the folks went and voted, installed a new elf
a good egg who helped them and not just himself

And the new egg proceeded to knock down the wall
‘cause to perch there on top was to risk a big fall

Great sighs of relief were heard o’er the nation
and the citizens shouted with great jubilation

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elna benoit

thumbs up!


I had some wonderful story books as a child. If I still had them, I probably would have a small fortune. What they all had in common was the thrill of some horror. Republicans have not given us the thrill of a Graham’s fairy tale horror, but the horror of being suffocated slowly. Sort of like waterboarding.

I would like to make a point that I don’t think is getting through. Our Constitution indicates that we are a socialist country of sorts. We are not a feudal/ fascist system. Republicans should first be classified as fascist traitors. No bull shit Kum Ba Yah shit by acting like anything Republicans propose is anything but treason. A shit head voting for a criminal does not make that criminal anything but a criminal. The Klan were the first American terrorist, and that should be highlighted at every opportunity. Republicans are nothing but the Klan without the hood. They are also… Read more »


Meg Corrigan

Could be my favorite nursery rhyme of all time! Thanks, Mina!