No. Way. Out.


I have been waiting a long time for this moment, and now I plan to sit back with my bowl of double butter Redenbacher’s, my sick pack, and enjoy the show. For the last 5 1/2 years, the GOP has been running around acting like a guy in his 40’s whose stoner college roommate arrives at his door unannounced and wants to crash on the sofa for the weekend, reliving glory days. They know they shouldn’t do it, and they knew it at the moment, hell, the guy has never held a job in his like that wasn’t required by court supervision, but he throws a helluva party. And now it’s 3am Sunday morning, and the cops are knocking the door in.

The coming Trumpocalypse of El Pendejo President and his GOP minions is going to be the kind of slow motion 40 car pile up on the expressway that people rewind and watch over and over again, because there’s too much to see at just one time. And it’s the kind of pile up where before the EMS even gets there, you get the feeling that the body count is going to be higher than the survivor count.

It started quietly enough. The Republican National Senatorial Committee, whose only job is to elect and reelect Republican Senators, sent a letter out to its members. The letter stated that incumbents, especially vulnerable incumbents, should not defend Trump on his administrations response to the coronavirus, rather defend him only on his stance on China, and blame China for the crisis, and the resulting US debacle. Considering that polling numbers show that even a sizable portion of Republicans disapprove of Trump’s handling of the virus response, this is sage advice. But if found out about it, that means that His Lowness found out about it, and he immediately released his own missive, stating that any GOP Senator who pulled that stunt would not only get no support from Trump, he wouldn’t get it from the RNSC either. And of course the RNSC caved and rescinded their own letter.

Trump the Stoner is now repaying his host’s generosity by telling the sheriff that he just hitched into town yesterday, and it was his host that bought all of the weed. Trump acolyte Brian Kemp, the GOP Governor of Georgia, rushed plans to reopen Georgia, even thought their new cases numbers are on the rise, just to please Glorious Bleater, only to have Trump turn around and slap him down by sating that he wouldn’t reopen the state, and that public safety should come first. Trump’s two legged stool, GOP Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida tried to cover his craven ass by scurrying to the White House for Trump’s specific approval on camera in the Oval Office. Like That will stop Trump from turning on a dime and dumping shit on DeSantis’ head if the whim moves him. Trump took all of these rats out on this death cruise, and now he’s drilling holes in the life rafts.

The worst part for Trump is that his voracious ego is starting to die a little bit every day. The RNSC letter was a kind of canary-in-the-coal-mine, a warning that he might want to install metal detectors on the steps of the Senate before agreeing to meet with Brutus. Seldom has even a single Senator dared to defy him, and now he has the NRSC, which he holds under his thumb, secretly fomenting a mutiny on what is already the greatest threat to his reelection. This is not good.

But it gets worse. I believe it was last week when I mentioned in an article Trump campaign internal polling that indicated that Trump was so far behind in Michigan that the campaign was already considering, at this early date, pulling out of Michigan and ceding the state to Biden. Michigan is one of the crown jewels in Trump’s tiara, and this news couldn’t have gone over well. And it was only a couple of days ago that it was reported that his campaign manager, e-weenie Brad Parscale, had quietly informed him that he was also trailing badly in other key battleground states, and in a tie in Florida, which was a necessary hold state for reelection. Which drew the expected Trump reaction of a threat to sue his campaign manager. Which means that at least Trump was listening for once.

But the coup de grace was when aides and advisors started coming to Trump with polling numbers showing pretty conclusively that every damn time he gave a coronavirus update from the White House press room, it had the same basic effect of a 90 minute infomercial for Joe Biden. This is a death blow for Trump. He already considers himself as the greatest GOP communicator since Reagan. The coronavirus has already cost him his ego salving mass rallies, and now they’re telling him that his pressers are almost fatally deadly. Trump reluctantly agreed to stop them, then when he started jonesing for a camera lens, brought them back as just news conferences instead. But the more bad news Trump gets, and it’s pretty much universal bad news these days, the more it’s going to feed his paranoia that there is no one around him that he can trust, which will only make him more impulsive and unstable.

If you’re noticing a singular thread running through all of these examples, then you’re very perceptive. That thread is the fact the the GOP writ large has finally gotten the memo. They spent 5 1/2 years backing every brain fart that came out of Trump’s mouth so as not to alienate either him or his rabid base. But the coronavirus and its devastating impact has eroded that base to the point where it will likely no longer be enough to get either him or them reelected. At long last Trump’s moronic antics have become a literal matter of survival, and at least some GOP stalwarts are trying to drag Trump kicking and screaming back into line to stave almost certain disaster. The GOP as a party is rapidly approaching its Jonestown moment, and it will be up to each individual incumbent to decide whether to drink the kool-aid, or run for the jungle.

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p j evans

The GOP-T is still being run by Moscow Mitch, so they’re not going to improve.

Ya see, thar was this box canyon … they told him, don’t point your horse down that there trail … they were big money people, staff people even various advisors and stinkin GOP losers, but hey, Dr. Trump’s schedule keeps him in the labs so much anymore, he can barely twit all the early morning hours …. he has so many people to lambast now … it’s getting more involved every day … It was just one more thing to ignore, so rump nuts pulls the reins toward that devil canyon, just a moment ago, I swar I heard the… Read more »

Quick .. typo in first paragraph.. guy has never held a job in his ‘like’ that wasn’t required by court supervision .. Now back to the Redenbackers.

dana fairfield

Do you have a link to that letter from the Republican National Senatorial Committee


I see that headline and I can hear Theory Of A Deadman’s track of the same name. Look it up…it’s apropos music for this situation.