Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) gives a briefing on New York’s COVID-19 response every day. Today he highlighted a letter from a Kansas farmer, as reported by Jen Hayden of the Daily Kos. The farmer’s name is Dennis; Cuomo redacted his last name. He shared the contents of the handwritten letter with his listeners:

Dear Mr. Cuomo,

I seriously doubt that you will ever read this letter as I know you are busy beyond belief with the disaster that has befallen our country. We currently (as of March 26) are a nation in crisis. Of that there is no doubt. Your approach has been spot on correct. I commend you for that & for especially for telling the truth, something that has been sorely lacking as of late.

I am a retired farmer hunkered down in N.E. Kansas with my wife who has but one lung and occasional problems with her remaining lung. She also has diabetes. We are in our 70s and frankly I am very afraid for her.

Enclosed find a solitary N95 mask leftover from our farming days. It has never been used. If you could, would you please give this mask to a nurse or doctor in your city. I have kept four masks for my immediate family. Please keep on doing what you do so well, which is lead.

Dennis has five unused N95 masks from his days as a farmer. He is terrified for his wife Sharon. Yet he still sends one of his masks to Cuomo for some medical professional to use in staying safe from the virus. Cuomo said:

You want to talk about a snapshot of humanity? You have five masks. What do you do? You keep all five? Do you hide the five masks? Do you keep them for yourselves or others? No, you send one mask one mask to New York to help a nurse or a doctor. How beautiful is that? I mean how selfless is that? How giving is that?

The responses to these two tweets, from CBS Evening News and Governor Cuomo, are as beautiful and righteously outraged as you would expect. I didn’t go through every response on both accounts, but I only saw one (presumed) MAGAt try to shit the place up, and he gained no traction.

This is the America I know, with people like Dennis and Cuomo emblematic of what is right about our society. Trump and his insane “solutions” to the crisis are not who we are.

Our best to both of them, and to Dennis’s family.

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Further proof that we’re better as a people than too many would like the world to believe.


This gives me hope.


A much needed story to remind us there are still wonderful, intelligent people in this country.


If I ever go back to Kansas, I will make it a point to find this guy and thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me some hope in and for humanity. Dennis, you rock!!!