What If It’s All Just Another Con?


You know, for a while there, starting with Rex Tillerson, it was kind of in to call Trump a fucking moron. Now, it’s just passe. If you say Trump is a fucking moron,
 the person next to you is just as likely to say, Dude, that’s SO 2017! We’re up to brain dead fucktard now. Catch up, will ya?

But while Trump may not be able to pass a drivers license literacy test, he is nothing if not sneaky. Donald Trump is a geometric figure, he can’t exist without angles, and every angle points directly to his wallet. How else can you purport to be a multi billionaire, and yet proudly refer to yourself as The King Of Debt, which means all of your shit is in hock up to the hilt?

The more I watch the nonstop, round the clock, stick-your-head-in-the-oven media coverage of the corona-virus pandemic, the more concerned I’m getting. Because, when you look between the new cases and death toll numbers, and some of the mechanics, especially of the way the  business payouts are being handled, I’m starting to see some threads that make me believe that at least a part of Trump’s truly pathetic response to the virus is intentionally to spread fear, uncertainty, and misinformation. Of which El Pendejo Presidente will be the ultimate beneficiary.

Before you call me crazy, paranoid, and stupid, two things to remember. Our sitting President actually put in for 9/11 reparations funding for a building he owned that was physically blocks outside of the damage cone for the twin towers. And the same cheap prick also applied for FEMA disaster relief funds to clean up palm fronds from the parking lots of his schlock resorts. His Lowness is proof positive that there is no honor among thieves.

The $500 billion corporate and small business bailout plan came with a toxic string attached to it, the Democrats successfully barred Trump or any member of his family to qualify for funds from the relief package, and put in place a bipartisan commission, led by an Inspector General, to oversee the process. Trump started by refusing to accept the commission, saying that he would be the ultimate arbiter of distribution. When that failed, he tried to have Mnuchin muddy the waters for the commission as much as possible, and then fired the IG who would oversee the process.

Earlier today Katy Tur and Brian Williams had IL GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger on MSNBC. Williams asked a very blunt and to the point question, How can any one individual, or even an entire commission successfully oversee such a giant fund, while still trying to expedite delivery to the people that need it most? Kinzinger’s reply chilled my blood, Well obviously we’d like 100% accountability, but when you’re in a disaster situation like this, getting the money out the door as quickly as possible is the primary goal. If you don’t have any money, and your roof is collapsing, you’re going to use a credit card, because the damage from the roof collapsing is so much worse. 

Which of course means hiding the forest in the fucking trees. Trump is going to use confusion, along with overwork and a sense of desperate urgency, as well as a little help from the Munchkin Man and his friends, to try and get his hands into that fund up to the elbows. And the more panic he cabn create, the more uncertainty, the more desperate businesses become for that aid to be rolled out, the easier it is for him to slip in.

And that’s not the only scam. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is running around bragging that any small business owner can go into any branch of any bank, fill out the application for federal aid, and walk out with money the same day. Which is bull-fucking-shit! Because the banks don’t have any federal SBA bail out money yet, and banks are responsible to their shareholders. Until the banks see the money on the dresser, they’re doing full background checks to ensure that there are no fraudulent claims trying to slip through. Which means more desperation, more confusion. And also a bigger hurry, which will lead to mistakes.

And I’m also starting to see a more insidious end to Trump’s bungling approach to the virus, especially testing. The vest way to intelligently start to loosen restrictions and return to some form of normalcy is vast testing. Yet Trump, while insisting that the country return to normal no later than May 1st, is doing everything in his power to at least slow walk, if not stall testing. The less accurate the infection and containment rate figures are when the restrictions are lifted, the greater the risk of a resurgence of the virus, especially in the fall. With that kind of a scenario in mind, as well as Trump’s positive views of the Wisconsin primary being forced to go on this Tuesday, and his desperate resistance to any extension of mail in balloting, I look at that Wisconsin primary as a test run for November, giving the Trump camp a basic idea, and time to try to refine things.

To answer the unasked question, no, I did not just finish screening Conspiracy Theory on Netflix. In fact, if we were dealing with any other man on the planet, I wouldn’t even have written the article. But Donald Trump is the most sociopathic, unfeeling, narcissistic  conniving, self preserving mammal I have ever come across. Just remember, he protected himself from overthrow by playing executives in his organization against each other, why not states? And don’t forget, in Trump’s tweet yesterday, he basically commanded everybody in the country who didn’t directly lose a loved one to just forget this whole thing starting on May 1st. This kind of thing is right up his alley.

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None of the above means he’s any good at it, Murf. In fact, allow me to make the somewhat bold statement that your theory actually applies to Jared Kushner. Trump is, by all visible evidence, senile and little better than a zombie at this point (semi-topical sidebar: no matter how much he stumbles over his words, you’ll never convince me that Uncle Joe has the same problem). When he loses in November (yeah, another bold claim, I know), his life is over. But Kush is a relatively young guy whom every career-minded federal prosecutor would like to drop behind the… Read more »
p j evans

NYS is looking at that family. They’ve been avoiding consequences for a long time, but when they went national, they made a big mistake: everyone can see what they’re up to, now.