Note To The Media. Stop Feeding The Dog From The Kitchen Table!


Look guys, I don’t get it. Why is it that we seem to keep having this same Come-to-Jesus moment over and over again. After all, it’s not like this is your first ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl. But just like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Still they persisted.

We’ve all been through this before. First it was Sean Spicer, and then “The Mooch,”
and then Blarah Flackabee Slanders, standing behind the podium day after day, spouting out free association, unadulterated bullshit. It’s funny, but I don’t remember CNN and  MSNBC dropping everything in their plate to flash to the White House briefing room to watch Josh Ernst spit out facts and figures, and explain government working properly. We got canned snippets at night. It took forever to get you guys to stop peddling pure propaganda, and wean yourselves from the daily briefings.

NEWS FLASH! These daily corona-virus briefings are nothing more than the same shit in a different pile. Day after day His Lowness gets up there, throws superlatives around like frisbees in a desperate attempt to lionize his administrations truly pathetic efforts, and spouts conspiracy theories about the press, the states and Governors, and the medical professionals fighting this epidemic on the front lines. And when he finally shuts up and lets the actual healthcare professionals dispense acts, figures, and sage advice, the instant they’re done he immediately steps back in front of the microphone and belittles everything that they just said.

BREAKING! This insane situation is absolutely no different form the wasted daily briefings from days past. But this time is even worse. Because by allowing him to arbitrarily control both the news as well as the airwaves, you are giving him free rein to purposely mislead the public, with no appropriate time for a dissenting response. In the next few days, I understand that Joe Biden is going to be unveiling his first full month of digital campaigning. If you’re going to give Emperor Gluteus Maximus an hour and a half a day for brainless propaganda, then you had damn well better be willing to afford Biden, and if necessary Sanders equal time. Never forget how your shameless pandering to El Pendejo Presidente altered the entire arc of the 2016 GOP primaries.

Look, I know covering this is hard for you, but it’s hard on us too. It gets old real quick seeing the same faces of the same healthcare experts popping up on screen every other hour to say the exact same thing, but at least that is in the public interest. These daily briefings are nothing but pure propaganda, and if you continue to broadcast it unabated, and with no allowance for a dissenting opinion, you are doing the country a grave disservice. Tape the damn things, air the advice from the professionals, and air Trump’s truly inspired stupidity so we can all get a good laugh about it, but stop covering these things whole hog. It just ain’t news.

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p j evans

Don’t send political reporters to cover stuff that’s supposed to be on the virus. Send the science and health reporters. If Himself and Pence can’t handle those questions, they should STFU and leave the mike to the experts.


I’ve been saying this just tape it fact check and tell us the facts that will take a few min,and everybody can get back to saving lives because he’s not.

dana fairfield

Two homeruns from The Bulwark:

“The propaganda, in this case, is particularly brazen. The same people who accused the press of overhyping the coronavirus are now claiming that the press is to blame for the America’s failure to take it seriously—not the president who, on February 29, when the pandemic was already a four-alarm fire, told a crowd of his fans that the flu was worse and that the peril from the coronavirus was his enemies’ “new hoax.””

And this about Trump’s use of narrative:

Lone Wolf

What if 150-200 million TV sets just turned off? I don’t watch, look at, or listen to any of those cowardly liars and wouldn’t give 2 shits if they all dropped dead at the same time.