The Audacity Of Mope


Rachel Maddow is by far and away my favorite commentator on television. She is witty, sarcastic, and once she gets on a story, she’s like a Doberman with a pork chop bone. But since the crisis has worsened, it’s become difficult even to watch Rachel, as even she seems to find it hard to come up with uplifting stories. But tonight she had on an incredibly uplifting and positive segment, and to be honest, it pissed me off.

Her guest was Lt General Todd Semonite, and he is the commanding general for the Army Corps of Engineers. Semonite is every Americans image of a soldier, built like a brick wall, with an open, weathered face, short hair, and a confidence that can only come from a man who most definitely has his shit together. His boundless enthusiasm for the task at hand, any task at hand, made me expect him to end every sentence with a hearty OOH-RAH!

And positive he was. He damn near gushed like a school girl with a crush when he described how the corps of engineers has embedded management units in all 50 states, and how they are working in conjunction with state government as well as FEMA, to find and alter existing structures like Hotel rooms, dormitories, and office space into temporary hospital rooms. He went into easy to understand details about how different structures could be adapted for some uses, but not others. He enthused about how the Corps blueprints and plans were universal, and how rather than the Corps doing everything themselves, they consulted with state leaders, let the leaders coordinate with FEMA, and then used the Corps plans with local contractors to get the job done. His big surprise finish was in announcing that the next makeshift field hospital in Seattle would be in the underground areas of the home of the Seattle Seahawks. He smiled like a kid with a nickel when he said that one.

And the more that the good news poured out at me from the television set, the more
Semonite enthused over the Corps’ successes, the more it started to appear that there was at least some government plan in place to deal with at least one aspect of this crisis, the more and more pissed off I got. Because it became apparent to me just how much of our current crisis was totally and collectively unnecessary.

We fucking knew that this was coming. In the first two weeks, when the Covid-19 virus slipped through the half assed Chinese efforts to contain it, and spread like wildfire through the country, we knew that this was coming. When first South Korea, and then Japan, and then parts of Europe all started reporting confirmed cases of the corona-virus before it touched out shores, we knew this was coming.

The scientists and doctors were blunt in their assessments. Even before it was officially classified as an epidemic, experts were warning of a pandemic. Doctors trotted out charts and graphs, displaying growth projections, rate of spread assessments, infection curves, the whole nine yards. And they spoke plainly about just what and how much was going to be needed to deal with this crisis when it got here. When the virus got here, it wasn’t even reported here yet, and the doctors and scientists were telling us what we needed to do to prepare for the upcoming horror.

This is the audacity of mope. We had weeks to set up a national registry for critical machines and supplies, so that we could quickly get critical supplies to the places that had the most critical need, and we sat on our hands. We sat on our hands because Trump was too busy trying to convince Wall Street that a few Americans with a supercharged case of the flu was nothing for them to worry their pretty little heads over. We had weeks where those embedded Corps officers could have assisted state governments in scouting out likely prospects for conversion into field hospitals, but we did nothing because Trump’s tee time was more important.

This is the audacity of mope. When the situation in Washington state, the landing site for Covid-19 started to crater, one of the first things that Governor Jay Inslee did was to beg the government to turn loose the power of the Army Corps of Engineers to assist them in coming up with a short term field hospital solution. But Isnlee is a Democrat who ran for president, and trashed Trump, so fuck him. When the corona-virus cases in New York started to take off like that Tesla bound for Mars, both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio begged Trump to send in the Army Corps of Engineers cavalry, to no avail. Both Senate as well as House leadership called for the president to unleash the untapped potential and ingenuity of the Army Corps of Engineers, but His Lowness was too busy with FUX and Friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to death that at least one part of the federal government, FEMA, finally has its head out of it’s ass and is closing with the basic problem. And I’m doing my happy dance for the fact that General Semonite and the Corp of Engineers have finally, like the dogs of war, have been let slip to make up lost time, and are doing so brilliantly. But according to General Semonite, the turn time for an existing structure to a functional field hospital is 2-3 weeks. Imagine where we would be right now if General Semonite and his gung ho heroes had been set loose when the first dire warnings were sounded. And that’s what has me so pissed off that I can barely type. So much lost time, So much needless scrambling, misery and suffering. And all because of one ignorant, self indulgent moron. The Audacity Of Mope aka Donald Trump.

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Tin woman1

Yes, he is a covidiot.

dina hutton

Thanks for the article; as always it was right on. But I had a different emotional take on it. Seeing and hearing General Semonite was thrilling for me, just like it is seeing Cuomo every evening. It’s wonderful to hear folks who know what they’re talking about and show their passion for getting something done. For me, it was a respite from feeling angry; I feel that way most of the time.


If only we saw the tiniest fraction of that competence in our so-called “president.”

Big Buck

This is what leadership is. Precise, no nonsense, and to the point. Especially in a time of crises. Everything that Mope is not or ever will be. I get angry too but this man made me proud to have served and proud to be an American.

If and when we get through this I never want the President or one branch of gov to have this much power over human life we need a better system and real balance and checks. I’m proud we got the house back and I’m sure we can win the Senate back and make Moscow mitch a minority but we need to stop this one man vote to stop movement of bills we don’t need 60 or 51 votes we need leadership and grownups maybe a quorum when some jackass of one try to stop a major vote like this we… Read more »
p j evans

The Army Corps is going to be needed in Michigan soon, as Himself is feeling insulted by the governor there, who is a Dem and a *gurrrl*.

dana fairfield
“when the Covid-19 virus slipped through the half-assed Chinese efforts to contain it,” This is an unfair characterization. What turned out to be the first patient started feeling sick on Dec 10. He was admitted to the hospital on December 16 with what was considered pneumonia. On Dec 27 Chinese doctors realized they had something new on their hands. On Dec 31 China report the virus to the World Health Organization. Azar was briefed on Jan 3. Regardless of Xi’s public facing behaviors, China immediately geared up. Their researchers and medical personnel began working very hard to study and understand… Read more »