Well, at least we know where GOP fundraiser Mike Gula’s loyalties lie, and it’s not to the Republican party — not when there’s money to be made from the coronavirus pandemic. Gula just formed a company, Blue Flame Medical, LLC on Monday in Delaware. His website says that it sells coronavirus testing kits, which is good to know, since even the government supposedly can’t get a hold of enough of them, and other “hard to find medical supplies to beat the outbreak.” When asked how he comes by these treasures Gula responded, “I have relationships with a lot of people.” We bet you do. Politico:

The abrupt move to shutter Gula’s firm has set the Republican operative world ablaze, with many in the business wondering about Gula’s intentions and how he was able to move so swiftly.

[Partner John] Thomas [a GOP strategist] declined to specify how he and Gula had managed to obtain masks that have become so rare that some hospitals have resorted to reusing them or having health care workers tie bandannas or scarfs around their faces. “It’s just relationship-based,” he said. “I can’t say anything else.”

Now this is particularly noteworthy, in a day and age where the likes of Peter Navarro, wing-nut and resident economist at the White House, has gone on record saying that if you’re a hoarder, “we will be coming for you.”

The new company may draw scrutiny as the Trump administration has moved to crack down on the hoarding of critical medical supplies and the sale of supplies at above fair market value. President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Monday designed to combat price gouging and Attorney General William Barr told reporters this week that the Justice Department has set up a task force to stop people from “manipulating the market and ultimately deriving windfall profits.”

In an interview, Thomas said Blue Flame had already sold medical supplies to authorities in Georgia and other states. Police departments are “almost begging for supplies,” he said.

“I don’t want to overstate, but we probably represent the largest global supply chain for Covid-19 supplies right now,” he said. “We are getting ready to fill 100 million-unit mask orders.”

That’s pretty good to go into business on a Monday and by Friday be the biggest player on the world stage. I mean, that’s memorable. I’m betting they don’t teach how to do this at Harvard Business School.

You know what occurs to me? But then I have a wicked imagination coupled with a keen sense of human nature, plus decades of watching Republican skullduggery. Just pretend we were writing a novel here, and let’s suppose that a star GOP fundraiser had a lot of dirt on a great many of his clients and he used that information to coerce persuade them that they should help him become a rich(er) man fast, or he would drop a dime on them. Not trying to foment CT here, just tossing ideas into the air for my own amusement — and certainly the notion isn’t all that fantastic after hearing about Richard Burr and other Republican senators using their privileged knowledge about COVID-19 to do insider trading on the stock exchange. Gula might know about all kinds of things like this, that we’ll never hear about.

In all events, the likes of Steve Daines, Tim Scott, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Kevin Cramer and Martha McSally are going to have to find a new consultant and stat. He didn’t give them any notice, just an email on Thursday, “After this email, I will be unreachable. I wish you the best of luck in politics and life.” HAW HAW! So much for personal loyalty and believing in the agenda of the leaders you serve because they’re the best for the job! No wonder the Republicans laugh at the Democrats, we are a bunch of sentimental fools with our silly ideals.

You know, I have to admit to a kind of grudging admiration for this character. He’s a pirate. Strike and run. And now that he’s found a better deep pocket than politics, his illustrious Republican senator clients can go screw. This is somebody to keep on eye on and see if Bill Barr’s no-windfall mandate manages to stand up. I’m betting not. Hell, for all we know, Barr will be the first to buy stock in this company, should it go public.

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8 Comments on "GOP Fundraising Guru Leaves Politics to Cash In On Coronavirus Windfall"

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Cherl Harrell

He is just doing directly, what the GOP is doing indirectly, profiteering of the pandemic.

p j evans

I bet state AGs are going to be looking closely at his operation. Profiteering is something they frown on.


My suspicion is that he is more intelligent than the average republican and saw the disastrous non-preparation in progress. He’s the opportunistic jerk they all deserve.


To be fair, it’s not a high bar. My cat is more intelligent than the average republican.

Denis Elliott
I think the likely scenario is that he DID have some key connections and did some serious behind the scenes maneuvering. However, before doing any so-called heavy lifting in securing agreements he made a solid business plan with a very extra “special” one page in “bigly large” bold type explained to Trump what HIS cut of the profits of the deal would be. Along with another sentence stating he’d take care of payments to Barr and his top folks at DOJ out of his own end instead of even asking, much less expecting Trump to do so. As long as… Read more »
chris whitley

Probably already holding the rope on this. How else is he able to scam this. Hey trumps probably hedging his bet case things go south in November. He does have lot of empty hotels right now. Stimulates stimulating.

chris whitley

Well we got rid of that idiot. How do we run off idiot in White House. Fire sale on golf balls.