Why Trump Won’t Use His Emergency War Powers


Dion’t pay attention to what they say. Pay attention to what they do.   Rachel Maddow

In the end, that’s what it always comes down too, and when you watch the Hole-in-the-head gang, it always comes down to money. President Bone Spurs has already signed the emergency war powers act, he waved it around so everybody could see that he still remembers how to spell his name, and everything. Oh, and Daddy’s widdle man sounded all ruffy-wuffy licking his nuts in front of the cameras about how he wouldn’t hesitate to use it if American companies fucked with him.

Mayors are begging him to drop the hammer, Governors are begging him to drop the hammer, hospitals and doctors and nurses are begging him to drop the hammer, even Nancy freakin’ Pelosi is begging him to drop the hammer and use the emergency war powers act. So why isn’t he? I think I might have figured it out, and I can’t Blame El Pendejo Presidente for this one, because it calls for intelligent thought. I’m more likely to see the snotty little nouveau riche fingerprints of Steve Munchkin Mnuchin all over this one.

It started to come together for me a couple of days ago, when I started hearing stories about hospitals and counties complaining that when they went to place orders for supplies, they were advised that they were actually competing in a kind of bidding war against other hospitals and municipalities, and the larger their order was, the higher in the line it would go. This didn’t seem to me to be the most efficient way to surge masks and gowns and gloves to the places where they were needed the most.

But the final link in the puzzle fell into place for me yesterday, when Illinois Governor Pritzker complained that when he personally contacted manufacturers of ventilators, to try to expedite orders to his state, he was told that not only was Illinois competing against other states for the ventilators, his order would be competing against other countries! That’s when those two defining words dropped into my tapioca skull.

War profiteering, that’s what we’re looking at, plain, pure and simple. If the Trump administration drops the hammer on the emergency war powers act, it is going to force American manufacturers not only to ramp up production, it will also force industries that don’t make masks and gloves and ventilators to make them if they are capable of doing so, cutting into the profits of those who already do. And because this is an American emergency, if the government is ramping up production, then by simple logic the government is the customer. Those items will be made for domestic use, and FEMA or another branch of the government will likely control their distribution.

Let’s just use ventilators for our example. As I said above, Pritzker was advised that Illinois wasn’t just bidding against other states, it was bidding against other countries too. Gee, ya think that countries like Italy, Spain, France and Germany might be amenable to something along the lines of a 10-15% surcharge in order to get their ventilators shipped soonest? If the American government sticks their nose into the process, those ventilators will all be produced for domestic use, shipped where FEMA says they get shipped, and likely at a fixed rate. And the same goes for everything else covered by the emergency declaration. Which means saying goombye to all of that lovely price gouged cabbage from foreign countries.

So, these companies, many of them large corporations like 3M, are going to have their production revved up, likely at a set price, and are going to see profits decline when companies that make stationary start making surgical masks instead. Do you really think that any of these companies are going to be in a balls-to-the-wall rush to get their maxed out contributions into the Trump 2020 campaign? Or throw millions in dark money into one of His Lowness’ Super PAC’s? If Trump wanted to nibble in that garden, the he should have let them grow the lettuce.

Don’t pay attention to what they say. Pay attention to what they do. The emergency order has already been signed. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors are already instituting extraordinary measures, such as using expired masks, or reusing masks to try to protect both themselves and their patients. There is no sane reason why that declaration shouldn’t have been put into effect a week ago when it was signed. And when there’s no sane reason for something, then you have to start looking for the insaner reasons. And when it comes to Trump, the only reason for anything he does is money. Every fucking time.

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Cherl Harrell

Follow the money, every time. I was thinking that he especially won’t do it if there is a lot hue and cry especially from Pelosi.

p j evans

The VA is *going to Amazon* to buy supplies that they need, because the WH and the Cabinet have f*cked this up so thoroughly.

Annar Key

I hope for the sake of humanity that you are wrong but I fear you’ve nailed it. The Syphillitic Scumbag is in the middle of a grift. Anything else I have to say will get me a visit from the Secret Service…….


Maybe if we convinced his dumbness that he either has to visit a hospital in NY or he can use the EWA. Just a thought.


The irony is that he may not live long enough to profit from this bit of grift. Reports I heard of his joke of a press conference yesterday made him sound like a George Romero zombie film extra. He’s likely infected, getting sicker and spreading it to everybody who gets too close. So go ahead, Trumpthinskin. Not even the pharoahs got to keep their loot after they were buried.

chris whitley

Now that is truly disgusting. Profiting off of a national emergency and purposely causing a shortage so that the price goes up. Only trump and his billionaire buddies could be so rotten. I thought the idea was to clean up the swamp. How they going to do it by releasing bigger gators.

james digregorio

I just said the same thing to my BFF: “I wonder if tRUMP is making money off of this virus?”

chris whitley

Republicans = Money-making