Attack ads are endemic to presidential campaigns like ivy is to college campuses, so expect to see a lot more of them as we near the November finale of the Trump schitt-show. This one is Biden’s newest and it contains not only famous last lines of Trump’s that you have already heard, but some new clips of Trump abusing reporters.

Napoleon had Waterloo, Hitler had the Russian front, and Trump has COVID-19.

Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

When COVID-19 came, he dropped the ball,

Now all of his ass-kissers fret about when,

The voters decide to take back America again.

BYEDON! Exit through the west wing revolving door and don’t let it hit ya in the ass!

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Jarvis Wellesley

ALL Democratic Congress-people should be doing this kind of truth-telling ad. Not just the candidate(sd) for President. Spend some money, put this reality on show all over social media. Trump would hate it and he has no defence against it. And it needn’t stop at Trump — hit Barr, too. Little Lindsey Lickspittle. Moscow Mitch.
Corrupt, morally-bankrupt Republicans should be exposed from now until November 3, as a duty to the nation.

p j evans

Himself is so unhappy about it he got one of his cheap lawyers to send a cease-and-desist letter. Which, since it’s all his own recorded words, isn’t going to go far.

Trump always talks about how he does the art of the deal, but here he had a chance to do the biggest deal of all and did absolutely nothing. If the federal government would make a deal for all of the PPE and the ventilators it would be a huge deal. The federal government could get a better price because their contract would be so large. Instead he leaves it for the states to fight each other and the federal government for All of this equipment. Not only is this more expensive, it consumes valuable time that the states could… Read more »
dana fairfield
The difference between China’s president saying similar calming, (but not the crazy), things at the outset in that country, is that no one will hold him accountable for his words there. Here Trump’s authoritarian personalty and ambition got him in trouble as day after day he wrote the scripts himself for Biden’s ads. For a while, I was puzzled by his spike in approval ratings, because there has not been anything in his words or actions to warrant it. Thinking about it, I have decided that people are using the approval rating to express appreciation for Dr. Fauci and Dr.… Read more »

Excellent ad from Biden. I hope he keeps hammering the orange anus!