I’m sorry. I didn’t hear the name of the medical school that Donald says that he graduated from. My understanding is that he was a business major at the University of Pennsylvania and according to some of the professors who taught him, he was not even very good student at that course of study…evidence with which we are all too familiar. Frankly I wouldn’t allow him to clean my toenails after a hike in the woods, much less spout off about epidemiology and other matters of science…with names which he probably can’t even spell much less understand. This guy needs to be quarantined and gagged tightly… so that we don’t have to have him standing in front of a national microphone everyday spouting off his hallucinogenic dreams, grasping  for approval from an increasingly disgusted public, who also increasingly recognizes that his fantasies are 100% opposite of the recommendations of every scientific expert in the field of viral epidemics. He is not only a clear and present danger for our country, but for the entire world. This is no longer a question about dangerous disinformation which is what he is spouting every day. This is a question of how do we shut him up…IMMEDIATELY.

We already have learned that we need to listen to what this man says about what he plans to do…because if he is good at anything, he is good at trying to follow through on what he tells us he plans to do…no matter how stupid or dangerous those plans may be. You will excuse me if I do not waste any more time on listing with specificity Donald’s 100 greatest plans aka, F— Ups.

He has just recently stated that he wants to “re-start the economy” (remove social and physical distancing) within 2 weeks…in contravention of every bit of medical advice from all scientific experts (including his own) who predict unmitigated disaster from such a move. He has also signaled how he is going to discredit any claims that this is dangerous disinformation. He is going to sanitize this policy (with the help of Fox News) with the message that he has already begun to transmit from his “bully pulpit”. He has already tweeted that “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,”…in effect saying: the economy matters more than the people it’s supposed to provide for. He is  recommending  that Americans go to work as usual (in about 2 weeks) even though such action will probably cost thousands of fatalities and bring the economy to a halt anyway.

So, while his spin machine goes to work to clean up this bizarre and “certain to backfire” attempt at reassurance, the President has revealed his true heart, which basically is that it is better if a bunch of unhealthy (elderly or immune compromised) people have to die… if that is what is required to get the economy going…because their lives are much less important than an unhealthy economy, which will jeopardize many more lives. This (in his opinion)…is a small sacrifice that the elderly will most likely be glad to make…( not sure how many of the elderly he has polled on this question).

 So that’s the deal Ladies and Gentlemen…the real message from our Huckster in Chief is… Let’s sacrifice the old and the frail. Maybe some other expendable groups need to be sacrificed also …like the sexual deviants… like the homosexuals or other members of the LGBT community…or the inferior races, like the Peoples of  Color or the Gypsies or Jews or Muslims… Let’s make the world safe again for the true, healthy, superior race.

Instead of MAGA hats…let’s go for Make America Safe Again for the  Survival of the Healthy, Intelligent, and Tough…MASA SHIT.

 Somehow, I recall having heard this message before.

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Just happy I needn’t to go to work anymore Mike, but don’t think I’ll be volunteering to “Die For Wall Street” anytime soon, either. You alluded in your piece that tRUMP has a true heart. That’s the only part of your reporting I take exception to…Its pretty obvious he has a purely mechanical heart implanted by the Borg and runs on adderral, ambien and who knows what else.


KFC. Don’t forget the KFC. It lubes all the moving parts in his heart-like device.


Following the math is illuminating. According to the NY Times…

If people remain in lockdown and everyone behaves responsibly only 14 million Americans will contract the virus and the “curve” will flatten. 14,000,000 x 3.8% mortality rate = 532,000 dead.

If the Trump Easter plan is implemented, they’re estimating 128 million Americans will contract the virus. 128,000,000 x 3.8% mortality rate = 4,864,000 dead

4,864,000 – 532,000 = 4,332,000 dead because of ONE TRUMP decision.

Ignore TRUMP at Easter.

Ignore TRUMP in general. Your life, and the life of more than FOUR MILLION others, is at stake!

Sharla RILEY

The first old person that should volunteer themselves to die is the crazy FOOL that is trying to sell us on this plan!