As of Monday morning January 23rd, 2020, after well over two months of time to figure out what to do about the Covid-19 crisis, there are only two “minor” problems left to fix.

1.       The President of the United States

2.       The GOP Senators of the United States.

The unsurprising Hot Mess of our Health Crisis Management, which we witness every day at Trump led “news” briefings, are a sad and pathetic commentary on perhaps the lowest level of Federal Government competency and integrity in the history of our Republic.

The President

His lack of qualification for the job (at this incredibly difficult moment in history), is now most embarrassingly (and dangerously) exposed every day for the world to see. Trump led news briefings of pure “fact-less” gibberish, spinning and outright lies are no longer excusable by even hard-core right wingers, who now recognize and are now victims of the actual dangers that this type of misconduct has always caused. Simple example: Reliable estimates on needed protective face masks for health workers is 1.5 billion masks. Trump proudly declare that there are currently 1.5 million such masks currently on reserve ready to be shipped. (Spelling and/or arithmetic apparently are not his strong suits.) No evidence of the existence of these masks…or the existence of many other such shortfalls are ever offered…other than the usual, “We’ll see what happens” or “We are doing a great job”. This delusional, self- congratulatory, lack of preparation by an administration which had long since myopically hollowed out any true expertise to provide him with proper guidance, is a failure in requisite national governance, the consequential damages of which are as incalculable as China’s original cover up. While local leaders like governors and mayors and medical experts and business leaders and universities…etc. all call out to him with smart advice and necessary requests, Donald is paralyzed in his usual selfish and partisan modalities, none of which address the growing dangers he cannot comprehend. Yet, Donald seems about as self-aware as the profound existential self-analyst of the Bill Murray character in the movie “Caddyshack”: “So I got that going for me, which is nice”.

The GOP Controlled Senate

What is even worse than the Trump Presidential Fiasco is the entire Republican Party, who many commentators have argued is the most “dangerous, anti-Democracy” organization in human history. Remember this: These are the same GOP Senators who allowed Trump to get away Scott Free with extorting for his own personal gain, (like a common criminal thug)) the President of our Ukrainian ally, who desperately needed our Congress approved dollars to protect his dying soldiers…which money Trump illegally withheld until he could get his way. No trial, no witnesses…just a free pass…just like they gave him for other misconduct like his abandonment of the Kurds; the imprisonment in cages of asylum-seeking children separated from their parents; his paltry help to the people of Puerto Rico; etc. ad nauseum. These are behaviors which under any other administration, would have resurrected tar and feathering for all of these liars. And right now, today… (the GOP) are currently doing their best to screw the American working class (once again) by offering legislation (presumably designed to help repair the financial hardships created by the Covid-19 pandemic) primarily to the corporate interests of their donor class. They will push the Democrats as far as they can to get away with as much as they can.

Here is what is really going on.

This is a group (the Republicans) who will do anything to hold on to their power so they can maximize their own political agendas AND opportunities for profiteering from their insider information in any number of undetectable methods of unjust enrichment at the expense of governmental institutions, environmental protection standards and/or the civil and economic rights of most average Americans…for example consider the conduct of Senator, Richard Burr, R-NC or Senator, Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga …who both recently got caught.

Here is how it works with respect to Donald’s participation in all of these corrupt schemes. Adam Serwer, a writer for the Atlantic Magazine describes the process correctly, when he writes: “Keeping Trump in office is not the ultimate goal, despite party members’ obsequious public performances toward Trump. Rather, the purpose is to preserve the authoritarian structure Trump and Barr are building, so that it can be inherited by the next Republican president. To be more specific, the Trump administration is not fighting a “deep state”; it is seeking to build one that will outlast him.”

Any ridiculous or partisan or outrageous commentary or conduct that front man Trump can perform, which will also benefit the wealthy white donor class who support every GOP Senators’ campaigns, will be supported by these shameless greedy Senators. And any equally partisan legislation that benefits the wealthy few whites over the mass of poorer people of color…even in the midst of a or Coronavirus pandemic, will be supported by Trump. This crisis is just another opportunity for them to make money or further their agendas.

And don’t worry about the Red Hat MAGA Crowd, even though they get just  as screwed as their contemporary workers of color. They are just too easily manipulated into their racial hatred modes to notice. They really are the easy to please MAWA crowd…Make America White Again!

So, if you are having trouble identifying which players to root for…which player is on your side…allow me to give you a further hint on how to read the program.

Any Senator that proposes financial bailouts to suffering corporations like the Airline Industry or the Luxury Cruise Ship Industry instead of the financial bailouts going directly to the workers in these industries…that person is not on your side. Some of these industries may not even exist in the future, so bailing out the corporations are premature gifts to undeserving corporate officers, whose fate can be deliberated at a future time. The laid off workers need assistance immediately.

When working Americans and peoples of color have proportionally acquired as much equity dollar wise in their homes as white folks, then America will have made some progress for equality in civil and economic rights. But for now and for this crisis, direct deposit of financial compensation to those whose incomes are negatively impacted…including for those people whose incomes are less than the standard income tax deduction of $24,000 per year is a must…and for those who labor in the cash economy without even a 1099 form for verification purposes…they too must be compensated …like maids, domestics, nurses , janitors, field hands, personal drivers, assistants of all types…it is a long list of devoted hard workers, who have been equally hard hit and whose needs are just as pressing… if not more than the $100,000 1099’d factory worker or sales rep or medical executive assistant, etc. etc.

This article is not written to propose specific reimbursement policies and procedures to deal with every issue and every person’s unique financial shortage. That is the job of Congress. But any attempt to deviate away from direct compensation to workers is a lie and a diversion. Any GOP proposal for payroll tax relief is a diversion that does not help workers or the economy. Any bailout directly to banks or corporations , (especially with stock buyback provisions) is a lie and a diversion. The GOP must get this legislation correctly identified, and fairly distributed. Money should go directly to workers in fair amounts AND for as long as is fairly necessaryThis will stimulate and preserve our economy by saving the true twin engines of our economy… which are our workers and our consumers…basically the same people.

That is why the world needs you to vote blue.

Stay tuned. I know I will.

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Nancy North

Excellent article. Please correct the date.

Ursula Faw

The date can’t be corrected. This blog is set to Greenwich Mean Time and that’s what time it is over there.


Isn’t it weird how people living paycheck to paycheck are supposed to have months worth of savings for emergencies, while billion dollar corporations are so poorly managed that they’re on the brink of bankruptcy after a week of reduced profits?

Meg Corrigan
I’ve been saying, throughout this latest GOP self-serving effort in Congress, that the big corporations should have had a plan in place all along in case of a national or world crisis. Didn’t 911 teach them anything? tRump’s properties are almost all closed or operating only in part, and we can only imagine what the Fat Cat Republican congress critters have invested in the stock market. In spite of the dangers of this pandemic (and the science to show how real those dangers are), the GOP just keeps marching along to their own selfish interests. It will be interesting to… Read more »