Too Little Too Late? More Like Too Much Too Early.


OK, I already spent an entire article devoted to The Madness of King Donald, in which I ridiculed his specious and petulant tantrum about the slow progress in fighting the corona-virus, as well as the reelection chances it was costing him. I keyed in on his childish and selfish desire to return the country “to normalcy” by nothing more than a foot stomping personal fiat.

But let’s look at that more seriously for a moment, and take a moment to think about the mechanics as they are right now, and what they would be if Trump got his way. This is a critical matter for Trump, as he feels that his reelection chances require a return to normalcy, and at least some stabilization of the market as soon as possible. But what if his precipitous actions would actually make things worse rather than better?

Let’s just take restaurants, the life blood of American small business, as an example. Right now, many restaurants, and pretty much all bars and lounges are shuttered. The ones that remain open are for pick up or delivery service only. So what happens when a restaurant is closed due to something like the corona-virus pandemic?

Well, of course, people are laid off. There is no need to have employees when the shop is not running. But what does that mean? For one thing, expenses for the restaurant go down. The electric bill goes down because the lights are no longer needed. And if the owner doled out the perishables, such as bread, veggies, lunch meat and cheese, milk, then the reefers can be turned off. The gas bill goes down because the ovens and burners are no longer in use. The water bill goes down because dishes are no longer washed, and the toilets are no longer flushed. The garbage pickups can be canceled until further notice, along with all new food deliveries. All of these things help to lessen the outgoing expenses to keep the place viable to reopen when the crisis is over.

Now, there is one critical thing that must be remembered here, and that is that the credibility of the Trump administration is jack fucking shit! Trump’s buffoonish behavior and childish petulance have stripped the administration of their last shred of dignity or respect. And let’s not forget, His Lowness can proclaim anything he wants to, but it is up to the Mayors and Governors of the states to decide when to lift restrictions in their own domains. Trump’s imperious proclamations have no valid force of law presumption.

But, just for the sake of example, Governors and Mayors go along with Trump in return for some future quid pro quo. They go along and herald a return to normalcy. What happens then? But only the restaurant owners, but the people who will frequent them, have been given nothing but conflicting information. A desperation for a return to the good old days takes hold, but who do they believe? Do they believe anybody?

Let’s just say that a small restaurant owner drinks the koolaid and decides to reopen. What does that mean. Well, 1-2 line cooks, a dish washer, probably a bus boy,and 1-2 waitresses along with the manager. The lights are back on, the reefer is back up and running, the reefer and freezer are stocked, as is the produce bin, the garbage is scheduled to be picked up, the grill, stove and ovens are fired up, and water is being used. Back to business as usual.

And a grand total of 7 lousy people show up to take a chance on sitting down to eat in the dining room. The day after it’s 6. The next day is a boon day, with a rousing lunch crowd of 11 people thronging the place. While the owner of the restaurant may have chosen to chase the normalcy pot of gold, the citizens he so desperately needs to populate his restaurant to make it viable are still voting with their feet, and staying safely locked up at home.

And even if the mayor calls for all citizens to return to work as normal at their businesses, that doesn’t mean that fear of the corona-virus won’t have them brown bagging their own lunches from home instead of popping out to the local diner for a quick bite. Those small restaurants that followed the dream and reopened are now at much greater risk of going down for the count, simply because they gave up the ancillary benefits of being closed, but nobody else answered the call.

Look, Trump has been behind the curve on the corona-virus since the day it started, and has remained behind ever since. But now, when he finally decides to try to get ahead of the curve, instead of trying to do it by increasing readiness, testing, and response, he is apparently going to try to get ahead of it by forcing a return to normalcy that the country is in no way ready for. And in so doing, he is risking sinking exactly the kinds of businesses he is purporting to save, and in so doing, creating the kinds of unemployment and consumer confidence numbers that will make it impossible for him to be reelected. Stand up and take a bow, fool!

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Tin woman1

I don’t care what he says, or the governor for that matter. I’m not going out there until the numbers come down, way down.


There’s a restuarant that was set to open just down the road from me before COVID 19 kicked into overdrive. It’s a bad spot, four failed restaurants in the last six years, none of them lasting longer than six months. If the new folks are foolish enough to open while this is going on, they may set the record for fastest shutdown.

Lone Wolf

He is only trying to save himself, from himself. F*ck Him.