Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Bummer


In the interest of public safety and interest, I’m going to provide a public service announcement. I think we can all agree that Trump’s daily press conferences to update the American public on the progress of the coronavirus are an unmitigated disaster. But there is actually a fairly simple fix to them that would make them both more effective, and more accurate. When they go out to the podium, Trump stands off to the side and lets everybody else go first! Then, when they’re done imparting actual, useful information, he can stand in front of the microphone and answer questions with pithy statements like, Uh, yeah, like he said. I realize that this won’t satisfy Trump’s craving for media dominance, but at least it will keep him from looking like the guy who just got off of his 47th consecutive ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

This whole corona-virus thing has been nothing but one big disappointment for Trump. Trump’s whole style of leadership as President is that he walks out, sits down, fires up his child proofed Sharpie, and holds up some schlock document while the crowds swoon at his feet. Trump is not used to actually having to know shit, nor is he used to being blamed for his ignorance on said shit, and the whole thing is just starting to royally piss him off. And now it looks like we’re entering a new phase that’s only going to piss him off even more.

Remember how Trump structured his company. He remained a private holding instead of incorporating, with all of the cash that could have infused, because he wanted no CEO or directors to have to answer to, or give input to. His basic management style has been described as “snake pit,” keeping employees fighting with each other so that they can’t plot against him. How many times have you heard the White House referred to in just such a description? But at the end, there is only abject obeisance. People must beg and grovel to His Lowness in order to get anything done.

Trump has tried to run all of the federal government this way, micro-managing every department to ensure that his ass is properly kissed in order to get anything done. What Trump doesn’t understand is that the federal government is the place that everybody tithes their taxes too, and that everybody looks to for assistance in times of trouble. This includes state governments, who rightly look to the behemoth federal government for assistance in crises, especially national crises that they can’t handle on their own. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, droughts, anything unforeseen and out of their control, the federal government is the answer.

And this is where Trump’s newest monumental bummer is coming from. I sincerely believe, knowing Trump’s psyche the way I do, that as the coronavirus shit hits the turbine engine, that El Pendejo Presidente has been sitting in the Oval Office, waiting for the phone to ring, as Governors like Pritzjer, Newsom, Sisolak, Inslee and Cuomo call him up, groveling at his feet, and kissing his ass for any assistance they can give to them. But it’s not happening. Oh, they’re calling him up alright, often in bunches in conference calls, but they’re not complimenting his leadership, and they’re not kissing his ass, instead they’re making demands. And what’s worse yet, once they make those demands, they’re holding press conferences to tell everybody what they’re demanding, and how incompetent Trump is for not providing it. These shit-for-brains pipsqueaks are taking all of the fun out of being a tin horn despot!

Trump thinks of politics purely in his own self interest. But as this crisis worsens, and even states like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania start to holler for more federal assistance, and as Trump continues to lead off pressers, spinning pie-in-the-sky fantasies about miracle cures, and full employment, people are going to start to notice. They’re going to notice every time that Trump says that the states should be doing this shit on their own, and they’re going to notice every time some pixie dust promise he makes fails to materialize. People are going to notice that their elected state officials are making common sense requests for assistance from the federal government, and that the federal response basically comes down to Take two aspirin, and call me in a year. Keep this up, and Trump is going to have all the time in the world for golf in a few more months.

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Bingo Murph, The shit for brains is finding more trouble getting oxygen to his brain cells with all that tension in his really red neck …. He won’t survive much longer with his make believe words and actions, WE the House write the checks and are always in the oversight of that, but the anchor around Trump’s neck is the GOP’s unsteady footing on Moscow Mitch … Trump’s all about trump and MMitch is all about his job … at this time, a GIANT WAVE of discontent is brewing by the minute, no more puny hours, dangerous, and extremely obvious… Read more »

Would that golf be before or after New York indicts his ass every charge they can throw at him, Murf? And you really should have mentioned Joe’s counterprogramming briefings due to start tomorrow. Won’t take people long to notice who’s actually behaving like a president.

p j evans

If he’s lucky, he’ll be someplace where he can go outside into a garden and practice putting on grass.

Gretchen Urban

You mean Joe Biden is doing counter programming briefings ? How do I access them , PLEASE ????!!! I have an iPad .


Just type in “Joe Biden Briefing” on YouTube and you’ll get Monday’s. He’s due to show up on Tuesday’s The View.

Denis Elliott
I agree with whatever pundit said several weeks ago that he should just go down to his club in FL for a month and play golf. Just take a vacation and let someone else, even Pence handle things. Frankly, if the dumbass would actually just say he needs a vacation and was checking out down to FL for a month I’d prefer he put someone other than Pence or Kushner in charge, but it would still be better than what’s going on. Since he’s still have to sign official stuff now and then with his Sharpie he can still have… Read more »
Janey K Kelly

Boy, you’re so right it scares me. Trump looks like the idiot he is. Thanks for telling the truth, something Trump can’t do.