Joe Biden just released the following on Twitter, Donald Trump’s communication medium of choice. Touche. That should drive Trump nuts just on it’s face. Plus, if it’s being previewed on Saturday night, that means it should be on the air in time for all the Sunday shows. Good.

Trump just can’t figure out how to spin a good lie now, with all these clips of him telling the world how great everything is and how the coronavirus is no menace — and he desperately needs to walk all of it back, everything that was said between the first of the year and his epiphany last week when he began to take the issue seriously. Unfortunately, unless he can find a time machine to get into and go back to December and redo the entire matter, it is what it is and the record stands, in all it’s damnable glory.

In Trump’s press conference today he went off the walls talking about the dishonest media and all the fake news, bla bla, his same old song — and the obligatory shot at Joe Biden. Take a look at that clip and the wild hand gestures, like he’s playing an accordion. Is there a body language doctor in the house?

What to do when the lies stop working. That’s Trump’s quandary. And he doesn’t seem too calm and collected about it, that much is certain.

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15 Comments on "Joe Biden Tweets Attack Ad ‘Donald Trump Has Failed the American People’"

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Tin woman1

I guess I already knew all that about *rump failing so the ad fell flat for me, I guess there are not people paying attention so it might inform them.


Yes, there are still many Repugs still watching FOX and guzzling down the lies from their dear leader. They need this It’s going to have an impact, most especially when friends and members of their family start dying..

Keith Owen

If we wait for the election, many thousands and maybe millions, will die in the US. Invoke the 25th amendment NOW! Trump is obviously insane! #removeTrump


Joe’s ad raises an important point that too many people have yet to get. All Trump has done for the first three months of this year is provide fodder for attack ads. And much like with porn, no one erases the dirty bits. It’ll be interesting to see what he does when Joe starts his shadow briefings tomorrow.


Cuomo’s honest briefings must piss him off as well.

dana fairfield

There was a press conference yesterday or the day before where Trump stood at the podium with Dr. Fauci standing next to him and said something. Dr. Fauci contradicted Trump with Trump standing there looking on. As soon as Dr. Fauci finished, Trump stepped to the mic and repeated his just debunked statement.

Cherl Harrell

Of course, he will view it more “unfairness”. Reminding him of his own words! What are they thinking? *snark*


trump sounds like an idiot when he starts talking about the virus , remember the Democrat Hoax ? yeah, that one …