Both Dan Rather and Carl Bernstein were on CNN this morning, and they both made very good points about Donald Trump and his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. They were both there to comment on Trump’s latest boondoggle, that of informing state governors, in essence, that this is their baby and “we are there to back you up should you fail.” Whoa. Time out. Did everybody else know that this was a state issue and not a federal emergency? And I assume that’s the fault of the media for not reporting that correctly? Here we go, another front in the War on Truth has just exploded.

Rather’s initial take was that Trump’s blaming the media was “disgraceful” and divisive, “at a time when we need to pull together more than ever. This is unacceptable and I think most Americans recognize it as such.” Rather’s connection was lost and the ball was passed to Bernstein, who said that he believed that Trump should broadcast daily briefings, because among other reasons, he’s a compulsive liar and needs to be called out for such.

“He’s focused on a war on truth as opposed to focused on a war against a deadly plague.” That’s it in a nutshell. Trump doesn’t care what happens to America. He’s covered in all events, health wise, money wise, he’s got his. All he needs to do is fix the optics of this deal somehow and get reelected and he’ll be just fine. That is the extent of “leadership” you’re going to get from the man, which is to say you’re not going to get any at all, get used to it.

And that’s pretty much what Dan Rather had to say. “Until and unless he proves differently, I’d pay far less attention to president Trump. I really regret having to have said that. But he’s not going to come to anybody’s rescue and the faster we realize that, the better off we’ll be.”

The only problem with what Rather said, is what do we do? If the steward of the government is incompetent to pull it’s levers, what is our recourse? Guess we’re gonna find out.

Here’s the four minute clip.


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10 Comments on "Dan Rather says Trump ‘Is Not Going To Come To Anybody’s Rescue’"

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Tin woman1

The one thing I don’t do is Rely on him for anything. I just hope other governors (GOP) listen and wake up.

dina hutton

I’m so naive – I didn’t know any governors were relying on him for help or the truth. it’s shocking that the media shows videos of him – except as a joke.


So…who else is looking forward to Joe’s first briefing tomorrow?


So Trump says he’ll look at putting people back to work in 15 days. Whatcha wanna bet he does just that, then claims he “saved the nation’s economy” and lies about how everything’s “just fine”. Because he knows he can’t win the election without a good economy and he doesn’t mind how many of us die in the process. BUT if he does that, the virus will run rampant. People will die. BUT As usual, IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM AND NOT US.


Kay, there is no way this is going to happen , nobody is listening to trump. The Governors are taking over their states .


trump is just pissed because he can’t have “His” rallies to booster his ego and he can’t play golf ! That is really all he does.