Trump Is F*cking Up A Recovery That Hasn’t Even Started Yet


I was gratified yesterday to hear columnist EJ Dionne confirm on the air something I already knew. He said that he was watching His Lowness’s press conference on the corona-virus, and that the channel he was watching had a small insert on the lower right with the current stock market trading. And lo and behold, the longer that Trump prattled brainlessly on, the farther and faster the stock market fell off of the cliff.

This should not amaze anyone, as the stock market is fully aware of what we’ve known all along, mainly that Trump is full of shit. On his first year in office, El Pendejo Presidente had all kinds of fun taking his petty revenge on companies that irritated him, by tweeting out nasty things about them, and watching their share value tumble. Finally, they stopped listening to him altogether, which is not good, as this causes uncertainty in the market, the thing it hates the most of all. If Trump announces some new program or boondoggle, Wall Street is left to react on instinct because, a) they have no idea if the plan will work as advertised, and b) they don’t know if it will happen at all.

If you’ve watched any of the press conferences from the mayors of various cities, or Governors of various states, you have noted a stark contrast. Those press conferences have a much darker tone, with much more somber numbers, and much more dire predictions. This is necessary because not only are they the ones having to make the hard, practical choices that the Trump administration is abdicating on, but they also have to combat the moonshine and pixie dust that Trump is trying to blow up everybody’s ass. And the longer that they let that doddering imbecile stand up there and hallucinate, the more worry, fear, and distrust is going to be sewn.

Which means that nobody will know when it’s actually over. Trump could stride out to that podium on Tuesday, with Tony Fauci right behind him, armed with statistics and graphs showing that the curve had flattened, and that two more weeks of lock down should do the trick. And nobody who doesn’t wear MAGA pajamas every night will believe a word of it. Trump hasn’t spoken a word of truth in 4 years, why start now? And mayors and governors sure as shit aren’t going to change a thing they’re doing until they start to see empirical evidence of it in their own states. And fear and confusion will continue to reign.

And even when it’s finally over, what happens next? If it turns out to not have been as bad as the mayors and governors were predicting, do people turn on them for having put them through unnecessary misery? Even when they get to work, and money starts flowing again, do they go back to spending, or do they fretfully hoard every penny in case the corona-virus is just taking a summer vacation? Who do they believe, and how much do they believe them?

The ultimate test of leadership is confidence and coordination in a time of crisis. And not only did the Trump administration lose that game, they never even showed up for spring training. What was needed from day one was a clear, concise, measured message, with common sense instructions and restrictions from the federal government, that coordinated down to help states handle the crisis. And what we got instead was a disjointed, nonsensical, delusional response whose only purpose was to cover the administration’s purely incompetent ass. They left those governors and mayors hanging out there in the wind on purpose, to use as scapegoats for whatever negative impacts come out of this whole disaster. Welcome to your government at work.

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p j evans

The best thing that could be done for the country is to kick Himself out of office. The second best would be to lock him in isolation for a month. After that, keeping him off live broadcasts for a month would help.


You are the biggest fucking idiot. No clue how you even got a job. You don’t know how to write and nothing you say makes any sense. Enjoy another 4 years of President Trump, fool. Trump2020.


You almost got the punctuation correct, bot.

Ursula Faw

HAW HAW!!! Another troll!!! OMG!!! You’re hitting nerves, Murfster!! Do you want to answer him back or do you want me to send him to the cornfield? Personally, I love the smell of trolls in the morning. They smell like idiocy.

dana fairfield

Notice “bob” has nothing of substance to say. He has not actually rebutted anything Murfster wrote.


Yeah, that’s the usual for Repugs. They never have facts to back up what they say – only insults.


A friend of a FB friend is a trvmpster. The other day, he said trump was the best president America has ever had. I told him, “I like sarcasm. I just didn’t realize you were smart enough to use it.”

Michael Hemp

Please at least spell check for the constant cell phone quality of your otherwise acute messaging. If you don’t care enough to require the self discipline to polish your work for the professionalism to get it out without careless gaffs, you’re creating the same—if much lesser—concern about Your credibility and reputation. You’re an important media player; start looking and being more regarded as one. End the sloppy and improve your impact. Tough love.

Back to the present: the main problem that I, as a normal citizen see, is that the person in charge declines to do anything. He talks, he lies, he makes glittering generalities, but he doesn’t do any work. It seems that there’s no clear person in charge to give the orders for what needs to be done. The military is ready and willing to help, but no one told them what their mission was. As far as I’m concerned, maybe the Military should be in charge. Because when it comes to organizing and delegating jobs, the military does it like… Read more »