It’s not just the elderly or infirm who are at risk for death from the coronavirus. 39-year-old Natasha Ott of New Orleans tested for the virus and was found dead in her kitchen four days later, before the results came back. She was employed at Crescent Care, a medical clinic, and they only had a few test kits. Ott initially declined to take a test, after being informed that at her age she was in a low risk category, but then she began to feel “something in her lungs” and was found dead by her boyfriend several days later. NOLA:

[Josh] Anderson, 40, said what happened to his former girlfriend should be a wake-up call for anyone who still believes COVID-19 isn’t as deadly as experts have claimed. Speaking in an interview Saturday, after his social media post recounting Ott’s experience was shared hundreds of times, he said the dearth of tests shows how ill-equipped New Orleans is to handle a pandemic that has already claimed 16 lives and infected nearly 600 people across the state.

“She could have gotten a test last Friday, but they only had five tests, and she didn’t want to use one of them,” Anderson said. Not less than a week ago, he was one of those who believed younger, relatively healthy people like Ott and himself would be fine amid the outbreak.

“I believed that people should stay home, but I don’t think I fully understood what the consequences could be if they didn’t,” he said.

The lack of tests and the speed with which tests are processed are going to result in more deaths. That’s a mathematical certainty at this point. No need to waste time stating the obvious, that the government should have gotten on this from the outset. But as with all things, shoulda woulda coulda, this is going to end badly.


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Tin woman1

Many prayers for Natasha.

Linda Lou

Why does it not confirm the cause of death? It does not say that the test was positive. It can now be done quickly. Last Monday, tests did not take 5 days. And she was an LCSW at CrescentCare and went to work that week. Did she expose clients? Was there an autopsy? Any decent journalist might have dug deeper before making this a political issue.