Alex Azar and Robert Redfield have given lip service to Donald Trump’s “definitive leadership” during the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re both intelligent enough to know that Trump is a moron. Anthony Fauci has pointedly not defended Trump’s lies, so he’s apparently a bit more courageous. However, when he was sitting behind Trump today and Trump started talking stupid, Fauci had to cover his face, because he was cracking up. Take a look.

Note on update: What you see above won’t open. It’s the original tweet, which was taken down. However, fellow zoomer PJ Evans found this one. Tip of the hat!

I’m beginning to understand why Mike Pence always has that constipated look. I think it might be because he’s trying not to crack up himself. I have no doubt that Pence will carry out the party line until the very bitter end, but he must realize right now that the jig is up.


UPDATE 10:45 a.m. PDT

Friends, this is a bit alarming to report. The tweet that I referenced, and it is stellar, was pulled. It’s no longer on Twitter. It was up there probably less than twenty minutes. Trump apparently doesn’t want you to see what a moron he is or how Fauci reacted to him. I personally find this more than a little bit alarming. I will follow up on it. The conference went out live on camera and was seen by many, even if the evidence of it is being covered up. Wow. We live in interesting times.

UPDATE TWO 12:17 p.m. PDT

Other sources saved the moment. Many thanks to PJ Evans for capturing it. I was going to go search later on, after I finished another piece, but the community bailed me out. What a look for this administration — and I don’t blame Fauci one bit. He’s a highly intelligent man and being expected to perform in this circus must be an unbearable situation.


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Denis Elliott
Please let somebody have saved the file to their computer, and that it will be circulating on YouTube and FaceBook before the afternoon is done. Regarding the latter, I hope someone issues a flat out challenge to Zuckerberg calling him out as in daring him to remove it from the platform AND predicting he will in fact do so because he allows fake, made up video & stuff about Democrats to stay up because he’s in the tank for Trump, for the same reason he will protect his new best bud (because he doesn’t want FB regulated) and ban clips… Read more »

We should expect they will try and hide their stupidity Ursula Faw, thanks for this info.
Mexico closes its border Saturday at midnight.

p j evans

Somewhere in the moderation queue is a comment I posted with two links to tweets with the captured videos.