All Hail “The Expert!”


You’ve heard me bitch about this before, and you’ll likely hear me bitch about it again. From where I’m sitting, if there’s one thing that the FCC should make illegal immediately, it’s Direct To Consumer marketing and advertising by pharmaceutical companies. The reasons are simple, the average consumer is unable to understand the actual benefits and risks of the product being advertised, and it has the ultimate effect of making pretty much everybody in the country with that condition their own, self diagnosing doctor.  Doctors hate it too, patients will walk on telling the doctor what they have and what to prescribe, and when the doctor disagrees, there’s a fight about it. Some doctors have even reported patients that stormed out and went “doctor shopping” for a physician that would give them what they want.

No, that is not the topic of today’s article, but I mentioned it for a very specific reason. And that’s because today, our Imbecile in Chief walked in front of a podium full of microphones, and became a walking, talking Direct To Consumers pharmaceutical commercial. He stood there today and gushed over the promising efficacy of as yet untested drugs, as well as “crossover” drugs that have been used to treat other conditions with similar symptoms, but haven’t even been tried on the corona-virus yet. And then he stepped back from the microphones, and left it to Dr Anthony Fauci, a man who actually knows the difference between a virus and an infection, and left it up to him to become Dr Ebenezer Scrooge, and piss on everybody’s Christmas with actual medical facts.

This is so incredibly dangerous. For starters, this is a new strain, so there are already differences of opinion between people who actually know what they’re talking about as to how to isolate, quarantine, and try to treat it. This leads to confusion and uncertainty to start with, and these are people who are at least qualified to help. And now you’ve got this socially retarded maniac standing around, and selling every variety of snake oil he has on his cart, as long as the suckers will listen. Which means, of course, every shambling Trombie in the country storming off to their doctor, and testily demanding whatever “miracle cure” they can recall coming out of Trump’s filthy sewer hole. If you can get them out of the bar for as long as Devin Nunes is buying, that is.

Somebody sitting around in the White House right now has to take charge, and put a choker leash and muzzle on this howler monkey. If Trump wants to strut out and announce that he’s turning Mar-A-Lago into a field hospital for millionaires, fine, so be it. But once he’s done, kill the mic, get him off of there, lock him back in the quarters with Fux and Friends, and let the real experts say their piece unfiltered through Trump’s pathological bullshit. Because right now, there is one third of the country out there who, given a choice between believing Dr Anthony Fauci, and El Pendejo Presidente, will start yelling Ole! every fucking time. And while personally I don’t care if these bumbling morons get themselves sick, I care a great deal of one of them gets me sick while I’m wandering through Walmart, desperately trying to find a bag of flour. Enough is enough.

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Tin woman1

Yes, he’s an idiot,

p j evans

And he won’t shut up until he’s forced to do so.


Well said. Thanks for getting us normal folks true information.

Denis Elliott
Boy do I wish we still had the irrepressible Helen Thomas. Because this shit will keep happening. Trump will tout some drug as the “miracle” and wear out his arm patting himself on the back for suggesting it to all those doctors in the first place – remember he “knew more than all the generals.” Then the poor doctors will have to take the mic and walk back his shit but toss in enough suckup to keep from getting fired on the spot and replaced with some pal of Jared’s that flunked out of college (liberal arts major – NOT… Read more »
dana fairfield

I also lament the emergence of Direct to Consumer pharma ads. I also oppose the many insidious ways pharma rewards doctors.


to make myself feel better, I just wrote 2 of my favorite news outlets to tell them to Stop with the tr*mp propaganda. To deprive him of his oxygen: media attention is the only way we will find our way through this and to a new normal. Thank you to everyone here for all you do!

Carroll Ann Robinson
Anyone who watched Rachel Maddow last night couldn’t have come away with anything but this: This is nuts; stop the propaganda using “Press Conferences” as the vehicle to deliver lies and bullshit; and media, step up and take responsibility for whatever part of this you own. And then this: she was mad as hell; and sad and emotional–these lies and the rest of the sociopathic, or in my view, maybe even psychopathic rantings of as you call him Murf, El Pendejo Presidente, are wearing her and so many of us out. The pharmaceutical industry? Shoot, they’re no doubt in cahoots… Read more »

I feel like Max Von Sydow at any point of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, surrounded by the doomed, pursued by the Grim Reaper, looking for answers that are nowhere to be found. One image I take from that film which breaks my heart is a man yelling in his last moments of life on how he doesn’t want it to end. THAT’S where most of the country is.