Sound The Horn. Saddle Up. Ride Into Battle.


I seldom do this. Politizoom, and our sister site Daily Sound And Fury give me a nice little megaphone, and as most of you have noticed, I seldom run out of things to say. But something has come up, and this time I need your help.

A few days ago, I wrote an article in which I said that once we had this coronacirus licked, and the postmortem on the response began, so would a national discussion on the wisdom of having nationwide mail in voting. This only makes sense, as the outbreak isn’t just affecting the Democratic primaries, but could yet affect the general election as well. Well. Holy shit, and shove me in it, that moment is already freakin’ here!

Democratic Senators Ron Wyden and Amy Klobuchar are about to introduce legislation in the Senate that would free up federal funding to equip every state for, and pay for mail in balloting for the 2020 election! They are using the disruption to the Democratic primaries, as well as President Trump’s own admission that the crisis could go into the fall, as a cause celebre to deal with the issue proactively.

If I heard MSNBC correctly, there are only 15 states that have absolutely no provisions for mail ballot voting, so bringing the majority of the country up to speed should be doable. I strongly suspect that the majority of those 15 hold out states are GOP dominated, and using it as a voter suppression tool. Ironically, as I previously pointed out, this is actually a nightmare scenario for the GOP, since their largest core base is comprised of white, older, scared Americans, the very ones who would be most likely to skip voting in November if it turns out that the coronavirus has staying power.

Obviously there is a narrow window of time in which to get this done, with sufficient time to implement the necessary components to make it happen. And God knows that Moscow Mitch would love nothing more than to sweep this under the rug, using the coronavirus crisis as a diversion.

So, here’s what I need you guys to do. Get on the blower ASAP to both of your Senators. If they’re Democrats, tell them you expect them to cosponsor the bill. and you’ll be watching. If they’re GOP, tell them you expect them to support the bill, and you’ll be watching. And call more than once, please. A single phone call can be disregarded, but multiple phone calls means a pain in the ass who’s serious. The Capitol Hill switchboard number is.202 224-3121.

There are two more simple things you can do to help. One, spread the word to like minded souls that you know, and encourage them to call their Senators as well. You can refer to my previous article as to why this is such a common sense solution, and give them the Senate phone numbers if they agree.

Second, if you have fundamental typing skills, and can string coherent thoughts together, which you obviously can if you’re reading this, please take 10 minutes to write a Letter To The Editor of your local newspaper. There are tons of people out there who would be gung-ho about this, but they simply don’t know about it. A letter to the editor is a quick way to educate people, and most newspapers with online editions have online submissions.

Look, it isn’t very often that we the people actually have the chance to fundamentally change the way that our political system works. And the way to do that is through pressure. If McConnell’s healthcare repeal debacle showed nothing else, it showed that even the GOP will respond to enough pressure. If you agree with this, then please like it on FB, or tweet it out so that as many people as possible can see it. The opportunity is there, but it won’t happen without us. What the hell, at least we can say that we tried.

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Not to sound ignorant (I’ve never considered mail-in ballots as my polling place is on my way to work and the wait times are short), is there a place to find a list of states that currently have mail-in as an option?

I found this, but not clear if mine does.


I think the majority currently do, with different rules. Some still have absentee with cause, the old model, where you have to be sick or out of town on Election Day. Ohio moved to on-request or no-fault absentee in the mid 00s, meaning anyone can request an absentee ballot without needing a reason.


Republicans hate this, because as all-mail-in states like Oregon and Washington has found, it dramatically increases voter participation, and that’s bad news for Republicans. It may be why Governor DeWhiny here in Ohio botched the election postponement so badly when he could have just extended the deadline for requesting and returning a mail-in ballot (we already have on-request mail-in), say, a month.


OH YEAH read the STATS. I remember after Washington used them through a whole cycle there was like 90% ‘turnout’ for midterms and 98% for MAJOR Elections… #Oregon about the same, here in #California we are still in learning curve but get to about 80% now I think.
AND with #coronavirus NOT GOING AWAY any time soon .as I said to Murph THAT HANDWRITING is all over the WALLS of America.

Meg Corrigan

Oh, IOVE Amy Klobuchar! Being a Minnesota resident, I am.truly blessed to have her and Tina Smith in the Senate! Moscow Mitch will be hard pressed to keep this bill from seeing thought of day!


and they can start PRACTICING… Here is my response to a TEXAS GOV The Hill @thehill. Texas governor calls for May local elections to be postponed

WELLDUH, Don’t you use #Absentee Ballots in #TEXAS..
ou all have plenty of time to PRINT MORE by May…
so that ALL VOTERS can use them.

AND OR SEE the above as @SenKlobuchar and @RonWyden are writing BILL for #MailIn Elections for NOV 2020.


ALSO SEE from Yesterday: By Aaron Blake THE FIX March 17, 2020 8PM
As we confront the #coronavirus and some states postpone #primaries, three states pressed forward with voting on Tues @JoeBiden swept them.
The three states will hand out more than 11 percent of the total delegates in the entire race.


I’m in Utah and we have had mail-in ballots for quite a few years. I’ve voted this way for the last three years and would hope that the 15 states that don’t, can be persuaded to allow mail-in votings. Yes, Utah is a very red state but we do have Romney taking a stand once in a while and Trump is not well liked here. There was a post on Raw Story or Kos with a map of the states that don’t compared to those that do.