Viva la Revolucion!


Last night I wrote that regardless of what Bernie Sanders says and does, in actuality the general election began last night. And it wasn’t just the fact that the results showed that South Carolina and Super Tuesday were not flukes, that the Democratic base appears ready to consolidate around one candidate and begin to prosecute the case against Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders refused to speak last night, returning home to Vermont instead. Joe Biden did speak, and that was the tipper. After he acknowledged gratefully the results, he pivoted. He didn’t speak another word about Bernie or the primaries, he spoke about the coronovirus outbreak, the lack of leadership, a president floundering, and a positive vision for the country, a call to come together, and a reminder that there is nothing this country can’t do when it puts its mind to it, and its back into it. It was clearly a contrast speech, geared towards getting people thinking about November.

In my comments last night, several readers, while seeming to express agreement with my position went on to say that if Bernie was going to go on, they only hoped that he wouldn’t try tp bloody up Biden too much out of petty revenge. Personally, I don’t believe that Sanders is going to go out and try to knock Biden down. First, if Sanders isn’t the nominee, he’s still committed to bringing down Trump. And second, that isn’t what this is all about for Bernie anyway.

When a politician runs for office, he runs as a part of the political system, using it to change things for the better by enacting his visions and agenda. But Bernie Sanders is a socialist. And he has made his disgust for the corrupt political system and its corrupt political parties clear from day one. Bernie has no desire to change the system for the better from the inside, Bernie’s sole goal is to tear the system down, and instead to turn it into something more to his liking.

When you look at it through this lens, Bernie Sanders actions in 2016 make perfect sense. Forget the squabble over the super delegates, that was just sour grapes, put that aside. Sanders continued to run his campaign long after Hillary Clinton had sewed up the nomination, right through the last primary. He did this for one reason, and one reason only. He did it to maximize the number of delegates he went into the convention with, and used that leverage to force the maximum number of concessions out of Clinton and the DNC, to force the party as far left as possible. And it worked. Just look at today, Sanders forced concessions from the DNC as to how it would run its own party nominating process to better suit him. Rather than drop out and support the nominee, as any loyal party candidate would, Sanders used his loyal base as a gun to hold to the DNC’s head to further his own agenda.

So no, while in reality the swing to the general election in November may have started last night, Bernie Sanders isn’t going anywhere. Bernie will go on for as long as he can. Because it isn’t about the Democratic party. And it isn’t about the presidency. It isn’t really even about Bernie Sanders. It’s about the message, the ideology. Even if he loses, Sanders will once again try to use whatever leverage he comes out of the primary process with to try to shanghai the party platform. And as with Donald Trump, the only real question is whether or not there’s another ideologue standing in the wings with the same charisma and fundamental force to pick up the mantle after they’re gone. And in both cases, I truly hope that the answer is no.

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Sorry, Murf, but I couldn’t agree less. This IS about Bernie and just Bernie. Every move he made in 2016 was about benefitting himself and with all the bridges he burned in the lead up to today, a lot of people are less willing to give him a pass or take him seriously.


I agree. I used to like Mr. Sanders, but if he fails to withdraw at this point, it makes clear this is solely about him rather than helping the country rid itself of Trump. He’s not going to win this nomination, and going into head on head debate with Biden will merely give Trump more fodder and make it more likely that NO ONE will beat him.

The longer Sanders stays in this race the more we all should hate him.

Denis Elliott
I have to respectfully disagree. Not all or even most, but still a sizeable number of people in Bernie’s camp are bitter as hell over 2016, and it’s been showing this time around. Even before Super Tuesday and the combination of suspended campaigns & endorsements the day before there was ample talk about “the establishment” furiously at work to deny Bernie his due. I fear (and I think it’s quite reasonable to do so) that if anything his most fervent supporters will display even more bitterness this year, and worse that instead of around ten percent refusing to vote for… Read more »
bryan wolofsky
Ok, I feel I have to throw in my $.02 (actually, I don’t even think it’s worth that much) and agree with Dana here. It’s both. Bernie is highly egotistical, but he genuinely thinks his ego is all about the message/policy/goal. In short, I have no doubt Bernie will tell you, and believe to his very core, that his crusade is all about the results and not himself. And the fact is, at this point, I’m not sure either he or his followers (or us non-followers, for that matter) can tell where one ends and the other begins. So in… Read more »
Bernie lives in his little bubble of revolution, surrounded, like Trump, with yes-men who reinforce his views. I just read a story about how his team was urging him to go more negative on Biden and were upset that he didn’t go negative enough to suit them, But he DID go negative, and I am seeing that alone increase enthusiasm for Biden, especially among people who have gotten behind him (in some bases reluctantly) recently. It’s reinforced their idea that Bernie is too divisive, too demanding and too eager to share up the world at a time when the coronavirus… Read more »

The political revolution that Bernie started will go on.