The Landmine In Trump’s Reelection Plan


If there’s one thing about Il Douche, it’s that he’s pretty much right up front about shit. Since inauguration day, Trump has made no secret that his plan for reelection is exactly the same as his miracle shot in 2016. He id going to pander exclusively to the base, feed them regularly at rallies and with racist, xenophobic policies and statements, and walk the same narrow ledge, hopefully with Russian help again, that he trod in 2016.

But how did Trump win in 2016? He ran a gutter politics, racist demagogue campaign that appealed to the worst in his supporters, figuring correctly that there were enough of them that felt like they had been shit on by the system long enough to join him. As a national strategy, it wasn’t particularly effective. Trump never topped 46% popularity throughout the 2016 campaign.

But El Pendejo Presidente had a secret weapon. And that secret weapon was his opponent, Hillary Clinton. In Clinton, he had the only national figure who was controversial enough, and with enough baggage that her own popularity couldn’t top 50% either. Trump never led Clinton in national polling throughout the campaign, but she never got above the margin of error on him either. Trump didn’t have to make himself look better, his job was to make Clinton look worse. And he did that just well enough to sneak through.

Trump has made it perfectly clear that he will make life a living hell for whomever the Democrats finally nominate against him. And actually, that assertion from Traitor Tot had a negative effect that he hadn’t intended. For the first time in something like forever, forearmed with that knowledge, the Democratic base electorate did something different. They put things like issues, policies, and platforms in the back seat, and instead all became pundits, each one trying to figure out which one had the best chance of booting the Orange Julius out of office. Rather than use the primaries to compare and debate ideas, Democratic primary voters used it as a testing ground to find the strongest candidate to beat His Lowness. The idea being that whichever candidate the Democrats chose, it didn’t mind what Trump said about them, because the voters were already at peace with their choice.

Ask yourselves this question my friends. Under what other incumbent GOP President could you match up a bunch of Democratic primary candidates who were currently only polling at 4-6% in the Democratic primaries, put them head-to-head with Trump, and have every one of them beating Trump in the poll, half of them outside of the margin of error? Now, we all know that The $1 Store Caligula doesn’t believe any poll that he doesn’t like, but the more sane of his handlers should have seen huge red flashing lights, with klaxons sounding in the background over those polls. It was telling his campaign that it doesn’t matter what Trump says, or whom he says it about, because they just don’t fucking care!

But now, at least for the moment, it appears that Trump’s worst nightmare is about to come true, and that Joe Biden may well be his general election opponent. And in his desperation to circumvent that possibility, Trump made a bigger mess than a 16 year old rolling his first joint. For one thing, in his hurry to get Biden off of the playing field, his barbs and insults were dumb and obvious enough to make it perfectly clear that Trumpenstein feared Biden as an opponent. And if there’s one thing that no one involved in a competition ever wants to do,it’s to show fear of and to an opponent.

But here’s where Donnie Depends really fornicated the canine. When he tied an investigation into the Biden’s and Burisma into aid to the Ukraine, and got caught at it, he shot his wad. Instead of having a big, beautiful, totally engineered, abuse of power scandal investigated by a foreign government ready to dump ion Biden’s head after the convention, the goddamn thing was investigated immediately, and in public! It was publicly investigated in the House Hearings, and covered in detail at the impeachment trial. And what was the result? It was pure bullshit, and exposed as such. Burisma wasn’t a scandal in search of an investigation, it was an investigation trying to cobble up a scandal. Trump’s vacant skull  supporters may scream LOCK HIM UP!, but nobody else will believe a word of it. And since his primary opponents already beat Biden over the head with his past record, there will be slim pickings there for Trump as well.

The problem for Trump is that back in 2016 he may have been a loud, offensive, obnoxious buffoon, but he hadn’t actually done anything yet. But now, three years later, he is so much worse than anybody could have imagined.It was easy to make Hillary look worse via slander and lies when he had no actual accomplishments at stake, but when an opponent, any opponent, is able to catalog your presidential fuck ups at length, you’re in trouble. This has already started. In 2018, the white suburban GOP voters who helped to get him elected made it perfectly clear that, like Queen Victoria, They were not a-mused. 

You guys have stuck with me through some seriously depressing shit lately, and now it’s my turn to repay the favor, and cheer you up. Let’s just take a look at a short list of what Trump is facing once the conventions are come and gone;

  • The Democrats are using this primary to jazz up and turn out the base, especially now that it appears that the base is ready to end the primaries, unite behind a candidate, and get on with the business of ousting Trump. Trump has no primaries to gin up support, and the only national news he’s getting is bad.
  • The Democrats will use their convention to build on intensity and enthusiasm, leaning heavily on not only a positive vision for the country, but an actual return to normalcy in life and public discourse, something the American public craves more than a Snickers bar.
  • A left leaning activist group, I believe the name is Move Left, is in the middle of a campaign to deliver to the nominee, on the day that the convention ends, an army of 1,000,000 activists nationwide to knock on doors, man phone banks, register voters, and generally keep the base motivated going into November.
  • Trump’s sole talking point in favor of his reelection is his ability as the Wizard of Economic Oz to have everybody in the country farting through silk. But as of closing today, investors have now lost 7% of the portfolio that they possessed on the day that Trump took office.
  • Trump’s biggest advantage towards reelection is and always has been his monumental cash-on-hand advantage, and his prolific fund raising. But Michael Bloomberg has made it crystal clear that while he may no longer be in the race, his money is in it until election day. Bloomberg’s attack ads on Trump were hands down the best I’ve seen in two election cycles, and his analytics assistance will be invaluable.
  • Following the conventions, Trump will have to face the furious wrath of The Lincoln Project, a group of lifelong senior GOP political operatives that are going to be running the kind of mosh pit attack ads that Democrats only wish they could run, if only they had the balls, and a total lack of integrity and morals. And the best part is that they have made it clear that they will also be having a go at vulnerable GOP incumbent Senators whom they feel have betrayed the cause of conservatism. A twofer!

This went a wee longer than I had intended, but the main point is this. Moronicus Maximus is about to fight a new war, using the last war’s tactics, strategy, and equipment. If you’re wondering about the wisdom of that course of action, just ask the French how that worked out for them in 1914.

To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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Tin woman1

I like “back to normal”. I’d like to go a little further after ‘back’, though. But back first.

chris whitley

Yeah he jumped on Biden even before the election. Had Rudy on the ground in the Ukraine. He thought he could bully a nation into doing his business for him and loband behold it backfired so bad it propelled Biden into the race at the front of the pack. What a moron!

Cherl Harrell

Bloomberg is intelligent. He may not be my cup of tea, but he is very smart about his TV ads. I don’t know if you noticed the one he ran, with women that have worked with him, saying good things about him. That ran after Warren lit into him on the debate stage. I expect him to be very strategic about his ads and support.

p j evans

He ticked me off by sending *8* mailers in the last month before the CA primary.


The org you seek is Swing Left (not Move Left – you confused it with MoveOn).


His handling of the coronavirus is going to help sweep him aside too because his utter cluelessness and concern only for his ego and image are so transparent.