When something especially stupid happens in Trumpworld, you know it’s the action of desperation, taken for the purpose of deflection. That is probably the case with this news story of the Trump campaign filing suit against the New York Times.

All I know is that I can’t wait to see the discovery portion of this lawsuit. That is going to be the hoot of hoots. Let’s start with getting all of Mueller’s witness interviews unsealed, shall we? And let’s subpoena Trump to testify, I’ve always been on board for that one. And howz about we hear from Julian Assange and Roger Stone, too, while we’re at it? I’m not sure they should have taken this train out of the station, but since they did, alllll aboard! Let’s see Team Trump prove up reckless disregard for the truth on the part of the Grey Lady. The editorials on this will be pouring out of the printers soon and I for one can’t wait.


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9 Comments on "Trump Campaign Sues New York Times for Libel"

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That rolling sound you’re hearing is my eyes doing an excellent imitation of a slot machine over how pointless this lawsuit is on every level.

Cherl Harrell

Should be good popcorn worthy viewing.

Tin woman1

Yes, it’ll never get this far. But it’s fun to think about.

Denis Elliott
Trump has a history of not listening to (or paying) lawyers – at least good ones who know their stuff. As you say while there are some at the NYT who would wipe the shart stains from Trump’s underwear there are more at that paper who have to be salivating over, and even bugging the NYT’s lawyers (with their own suggestions) for discovery motions. Trump wanted a headline for distraction. I’m sure real lawyers (not the KkkLown KKKar idiots on Faux Nooz) including probably Pat Cippolone and even Billy Barr advised him (if he asked) not to file such a… Read more »
james digregorio

With all the s**t that this he has shoved down the throats of intelligent Americans (and sorry to say, that number is diminishing) what is the f**king attraction to him that people are willing to give up their livelihood, their benefits, their self respect, and perhaps, in the long run, their freedom? What are they waiting for before they wake up? – a joint military operation with Russia

p j evans

The really good part: they’re suing because the editorial said stuff that they’re claiming is based on Mueller’s report – which didn’t come out until a month LATER.


LOL , He’s an idiot and he only hires Idiots , I hope they show the trial on TV, I haven’t seen a good comedy lately .