Donald Trump has been particularly out of it in India. He gave a press conference wherein he said that both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor should recuse themselves from any cases which had to do with Trump, because of their “inappropriate” — though unspecified — remarks. With respect to Ginsburg, the fact that she doesn’t seem to be a fan of his is apparently reason enough for recusal. Trump said the word inappropriate nine times within a two minute clip and yet he did not specify exactly what was inappropriate on the part of either Justice’s comment or behavior.

Trump says that Justice Ginsburg “went wild” during the 2016 campaign. Evidently he knows something that has escaped the rest of us. Apparently, if you disagree with Trump for any reason, that constitutes wild and inappropriate behavior, which should be sanctioned. And that makes a great deal of sense, dictators don’t like it when anybody disagrees with them. People are executed for such transgressions. So Trump is making it clear that he’ll only be happy when such standards are met here in the United States. As to Justice Sotomayor’s alleged inappropriateness, one can only assume that Trump got wind of the fact that she issued a statement pointing up the fact that cases have leap frogged from lower courts to the Supreme Court without having gone to the appellate court first and he deems that commentary inappropriate, for reasons for which he does not explain.

It’s a day ending in a y, so therefore Trump is at a microphone rambling on about topics of which he knows nothing, and trying to make people who are vastly more intelligent than himself appear to have done something wrong. Move along, nothing to see here, just more of the same.

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10 Comments on "Trump Claims Sotomayor and Ginsburg Are ‘Inappropriate’ Demands Their Recusal From Anything Trump Related"

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frank c barone

Get rid of this moron. He is a threat to everything sacred, including the rule of law! This is what happens when a criminal that has escaped prosecution his whole life gets into the Presidency.

Cynthia Feaster

Trump was told by vputin and his other dictator friends to gut the NSA & other branches of the Intelligence community apparatus, reinvent the DOJ and then move on to undermining the credibility of the SCOTUS. Note that he went after two justices that are women.


That was because he is a punk.


Actually, the inappropriate ones are the russian financed republiCLOWN seditionists….


Then anyone who has openly supported him should recuse themselves also since the U.S. Supreme Court is supposed to be defending the Constitution, not the president.

p j evans

Then Gorsuch and Kavanaugh should recuse themselves from *everything*. (Actually, they should resign – they perjured themselves in the confirmation proceedings.)


He isn’t even pretending to be anything but a wannabe dictator now, Just going for the kill. Makes be laugh to think about Ginsberg “going wild”.