Here on earth, where I prefer to go about my “walking around the planet” daily affairs, it occurs to me that the Democrats should (as my Old Country, salt of the earth grandmother used to say in her broken English about my adolescent day dreaming) “Grow up and keep your feet “in” the ground…and keep your head out of the clouds”. Which is to say my Democratic brothers and sisters are hallucinating if they think that Bernie Sanders, a very nice man, but an avowed socialist and a bit of a grumpy old ideologue, has any chance of winning the presidency in a country, the majority of whose voters are firm believers in capitalism…even if they don’t realize how socialistic many of our government programs are. Make no mistake: The Trump Manchurian machine will demonize that poor guy so badly that he will be the devil himself by the time they are finished with him…no matter how many young naïve supporters Bernie has…which by the way is only 25% of the Democratic electorate.

And before you get too excited about the re-emergence of Elizabeth Warren and her thunderous Applause lines in Las Vegas, keep in mind that as smart as she is and organized as she is she will be equally demonized… as having about as much charisma as a junior high school librarian or a school Marm…whatever that is. Pete’s caricature will be “pick your poison” not too pleasant either…”too young, too inexperienced, too white, too gay and all of the above”. Amy Klobuchar, qualified as she might be, will not be spared. She will be too bland, too vanilla ice cream, too soft.

So if you are ready for your reality dose, the Dems better figure out real quick that they are going to have to go with Joe Biden or Mike Bloomberg and be ready to start marketing one of them, (warts, faults and all); stop shooting them; and start promoting one of them  with hook ups to strong young female vice presidential running mates, preferably back or popular with voters of color…(who are going to decide this 2020 election). This Vice Presidential nominee, who will be a Heartbeat Away, is the key to winning the 2020 presidential election

Amy Klobuchar is certainly deserving; Stacy Abrams is

definitely a consideration…and Michelle Obama would

be a dream come true.

And let’s be clear. We do not need to comment much about the daily obscenities and outrages being perpetrated in the White House. We are under attack more than ever by an unhinged and unconstrained President who is more out of control than ever…and that says a lot. The rule of law is disintegrating before our very eyes. It is as if his every day is like a horror movie in which  he has brought with him some invisible evil Menace or Presence that has infiltrated our entire ecosystem, infecting mysteriously 40% of the population, many of whom have been transformed into some bizarre mixture of docile Pavlovian Robots… albeit some with many violent tendencies.

The only things that may save our Democratic values (short of the DNC waking up) are either some real good rulings against Trump this summer by The Supremes agreeing that subpoenas for the production of his tax records must be produced immediately…or the trio of former Trumpian national security advisers, all products of the finest military in the world, Mike Mattis, John Kelley and John Bolton…will finally grow a little hair on their ass and start telling the world what they really know about the corruption that they witnessed first-hand.

Maybe then, when this undeserving, indecent little occupant of the White House is finally exposed for the inept and criminal failure who he really is…maybe then the Democrats can get it together to nominate a person who the nation will embrace for purposes of restoring  our rapidly vanishing freedoms… and restoring a sense of decency and honor to what should be the shining star on the hill, the model for constitutional democratic republics everywhere.

The bottom line is that never before has winning become more importantIf the Democrats do not gain POWER, Trump prevailsand our values of freedom and decency are lost as well. 

D.N.C…. choose wisely!

Otherwise…Game Over!

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I still choose Warren.

Specially after that last debate.


Unfortunately I fear that the Bernie supporters will sink us if he doesn’t win the nomination. I read a comment on facebook yesterday from someone saying that if the Dem candidacy is “stolen” away from Bernie again, then we deserve trump.

Granny for Bernie
It’s not like this is a plot. It’s more that the majority of Americans are not enrolled in either party, and only Bernie pulls in a substantial amount of Republican and nonenrolled voters to enthusiastically support him. Without those voters, you will get Trump again. Bernie is the only candidate who is Likely to be trump. The truth is, an awful lot of people are more worried about their Stark portfolios than they are about the future of America or the world, and they would rather have trumped than Bernie. The good news is that many many leading economists have… Read more »

He’s not even a Democrat ! he will make a mess, he can’t do all the things he is promising to do , everything has to go thru Congress to be made into law.

Granny for Bernie

Sanders is one of the most thoroughly vetted candidates out there read Warren will be shredded. Biden is already shredded. And Bloomberg Will not get out the vote.

Although Sanders has an overwhelming majority among the young, he has a majority across all age groups, the only people who he doesn’t have a majority with are the people who are college educated and making over $200000 a year. I don’t think we need to worry about them buried there’s not that many.

I still believe Bloomberg Warren doesn’t look like a leader, how do you think the rest of the world is going to see her. The Independents won’t vote for her or Bernie , and the Republicans that actually want to get rid of trump , will not vote on either of them. Bloomberg is trying to save us from a BIG Mistake , he is spending his own money to try to save us. He really is a good guy and obviously a very business man . Think about it .