Roger Stone probably views his sentencing Thursday morning as a good news/bad news scenario. The good news is that he wasn’t sentenced to from seven to nine years. The bad news is that he wasn’t let off the hook altogether and was sentenced to three years, four months. Axios

What they’re saying: Judge Amy Berman Jackson said just prior to his sentencing that Stone “was not prosecuted for standing up for the president, he was prosecuted for covering up for the president.” She also said that he “will not be sentenced for who his friends are, or who his enemies are.”

  • “The truth still matters. Roger Stone’s insistence that it doesn’t” poses a threat to “the very foundation of this democracy,” she added. […]

The big picture: Both the sentencing about-face and Trump’s continued comments on Stone’s case have led to headaches for Barr.

Now the big question is, will Trump pardon Stone altogether?

The new lead prosecutor told the judge that he could not discuss the circumstances that led to or who wrote a revised sentencing recommendation that argued for significantly less prison time, per Vox’s Andrew Prokop.

One way to look at the Judge accepting a revised sentencing recommendation is that it makes it tougher for Trump to argue how horrendously “horrible” or “unfair” the sentence is, which was his initial reaction to sentencing guidelines. Stone is now sentenced to serve less than half the minimum time originally discussed. Arguing horrible on those facts will be difficult. Plus, the optics of pardoning Stone are not what you might call terrific.

Unfortunately, “breathtaking corruption” is standard operating procedure for Donald Trump. He knows no other way.

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4 Comments on "Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months, Adam Schiff says It Would Be ‘Breathtaking Corruption’ To Pardon Him"

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Judge Jackson has been careful to not turn Stone into a martyr . She should have ruled on that other request for a new trial or something before today so she could send him off to jail.


Couldn’t she have sentenced him anyway, whether he had the request for the new trial or not? I wish she would have.

Cherl Harrell

Roger Stone has been clowning and thumbing his nose at the judge and courts since this thing began. Today he still seems unrepentant.

My feeling is the orange turd has hinted to all his enforcers that he may pardon them if only they do whatever he needs to promote the Trump Kingdom … but his rhetoric and actions are becoming so wild and off the rails, even the snake Barr’s little do-nothing shows are catching more flack and beginning to bear more fruit than weeds for our Mr. Schiff, it’s too bad that the Turtle gets his ugly face in the way of Senate unity, knocking ALL the GOP down the same rat hole … because all the deflection and just say NO,… Read more »