CREW Is Planning A Mutiny On Rudy Giuliani


Well, well,well, this could get fun. Bueno quick. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed a formal complaint against one Rudolph Giuliani in the Southern District of New York, specifically for violations of the federal Hatch Act. And the way they’re doing it has the potential to shine a bright and uncomfortable spotlight as much on Attorney General William “Fudgesicle” Barr as on the Ghoul man himself.

Briefly for those not immediately familiar with it, the Hatch Act is a federal law that prohibits federal employees in engaging in overtly political activity while on the federal clock. It is normally administered as a civil matter, and new federal employees go through training on avoiding violations of the act.

The reigning Ma Barker of Hatch Act violations is White House counselor Cruella de Conway. KellyAnne has been spanked for everything from pimping First Brat Ivanka’s awful clothes from the White House press briefing room to making negative statements about Joe Biden, as well as other Trump political opponents from the White House driveway. There have been several formal complaints against her, but the White House simply refuses to acknowledge them and act.

And while most violations of the Hatch Act are in fact accidental, and are civil violations, there is another, criminal clause to the act. The Hatch Act prohibits the use of any congressionally authorized funds, or government goods and services for any purpose that advances a purely political partisan agenda. This is the heart of the criminal complaint that CREW filed against Giuliani.

The logic is simple, and the case already basically proven. Trump has already admitted that he sent Ghouliani to the Ukraine to much around to get the investigations into the Biden’s. Congressional testimony in the impeachment hearings proved that Giuliani repeatedly threatened to withhold the congressionally approved defense funds until the Ukrainians announced the investigations. As congress and approved those funds, and Giuliani threatened to withhold them for a purely partisan political reason, that’s an open-and-shit violation of the criminal portion of the Hatch Act.

This is going to be an immense pain in the ass for Trump, Barr, and the DOJ for a number of reasons. First, the case is already largely proven by testimony and evidence already in the record. Second, as Rachel reported earlier this week, a month ago, Tubby the Ewok sent out an internal DOJ memorandum that any new or existing investigation touching on the Ukraine in way way is now required to be run through a special attorney’s office in the Brooklyn office for approval and oversight. This complaint is once again going to shine a bright white hot spotlight on Trump and Barr’s insistence on interfering with federal investigations that concern Trump or his close associates.

But by far and away, the biggest problem is going to be CREW itself. CREW is one of the premier government watchdog groups around. They’ve been at it for a long, successful time, and they have an incredibly loud public megaphone. CREW already publicly announced the filing of the complaint today, and you can bet El Rancho that they are going to very loud and insistent as this process moves on. They’ll monitor the progress of this complaint closely, and at the first unsavory whiff of White House or DOJ interference in the process, they’ll shout it from the mountaintop.

This is the problem for El Penjdejo Presidente in his quest for the perfect banana republic. While he can corrupt some of the mechanics, the institutions themselves are still holding strong. The judiciary is still demand actual evidence to bring cases. The free and independent press is still free and independent, and hanging His Lowness from the yardarm every chance they get. And government agencies and actions are still subject to oversight, both by congress, as well as public requirements of disclosure and scrutiny. Just because the impeachment is over doesn’t mean that Traitor Tot is off of the hook. The Ukraine scandal is going to continue to unfold, and just in time to make life miserable for some very vulnerable GP{ Senators. Don’t touch that dial.

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Why is this criminal and not civil? Can they file a suite in Federal court if Barr doesn’t indite Rudy?

p j evans

“while most violations of the Hatch Act are in fact accidental, and are civil violations, there is another, criminal clause to the act”


A lot of people are very discouraged now Trump’s entire administration is one walking, talking Hatch Act violation. And spineless assholes like my Senator Rob “The Jellyfish” Portman are just sitting there paralyzed by inaction, driven by mindless fear of this asshole.

yaya nana

Wasn’t there some very recent news or ponderings that Barr has indeed corrupted the SDNY to prevent any actions against Rudy? It would also explain why the SDNY dropped their charges against Manafort. I’m afraid we are all grasping at legal straws that no longer exist.

Gerald Boyette

So long as Trump supporters control the Republican primaries we will get Republicans like the ones we saw during the Impeachment Trial. And nothing will get done while Republicans and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are in power.
Want to lower drug prices Nancy? Get rid of the no negotiation clause in Plan D.