Julian Assange is in a pre-trial hearing in the UK. This Twitter thread is worth reading, since Trump is currently suffering from pardon fever and Dana Rohrabacher discussed a pardon for Assange if he could exculpate Russia’s participation in the DNC hack, where the emails which were later published on WikiLeaks were obtained. Ultimately, pardons may be the way that Trump covers his tracks in blanket and shameless fashion. From what we’ve seen so far, that would appear to be the case.


Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2017: 

The proposal made by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.), in a phone call Wednesday with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, was apparently aimed at resolving the probe of WikiLeaks prompted by Mr. Assange’s publication of secret U.S. government documents in 2010 through a pardon or other act of clemency from President Donald Trump.

The possible “deal”—a term used by Mr. Rohrabacher during the Wednesday phone call—would involve a pardon of Mr. Assange or “something like that,” Mr. Rohrabacher said. In exchange, Mr. Assange would probably present a computer drive or other data-storage device that Mr. Rohrabacher said would exonerate Russia in the long-running controversy about who was the source of hacked and stolen material aimed at embarrassing the Democratic Party during the 2016 election. […]

In the call with Mr. Kelly, Mr. Rohrabacher pushed for a meeting between Mr. Assange and a representative of Mr. Trump, preferably someone with direct communication with the president.

“I would be happy to go with somebody you trust whether it is somebody at the FBI; somebody on your staff,” Mr. Rohrabacher said. The California congressman said he would be pleased to talk to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, but that the agency “has its limitations” and wanted “to cover their butt by having gone along with this big lie.” The CIA was one of the intelligence agencies that helped determine in January that emails from prominent Democrats were stolen by Russian intelligence and given to WikiLeaks.

You may recall that Dana Rohrabacher enjoyed the distinction of being called Vladimir Putin’s “favorite congressman.” You may also recall Kevin McCarthy’s now-famous statement, “I’m pretty sure there are two people on Putin’s payroll. One of them is Rohrabacher and the other is Trump.”

The Assange trial bears keeping an eye on. Interesting facts and persons of interest may come to light.


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